About Us

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Prodigyโ€™s Blog is one of Cameroonโ€™s most versatile journal, the virtual platform holds branding and creativity with high regards, in that we can confidently say we are the Most Branded blog in this era. Just like the name Prodigy depicts, we are a multifaceted Entertainment hub with multipurpose rubrics. Our evolution has been a total disruption, a blend of Advertising and Blogging. We practically believe in the authenticity of content creation 100% original to the platform, sharing of just strictly enticing Cameroonian contents. We cut across interesting slots like Music, Movies, Fashion and Design, Business and Entrepreneurship and anything for the culture Cameroon. We practically define our essence by projecting Cameroon and its talents to Africa and the world at large digitally.

Prodigyโ€™s Blog saw the light on April 2018 and since then; it has been delivering breath taking and enticing contents. It is gradually on the rise of taking the place as the most branded and professional blog in the general Entertainment sphere. We practically have some key features that act as a backbone to our existence i.e. presto media, advertising, Branding, Social Media Management, Music streaming and Downloads, exclusive interviews, mind blowing reviews, critical and in depth analysis. Our essence is not here to prove we are better than anyone however the one goal we have is that of projecting anything Entertainment incline about Cameroon globally. Each we look forward in upgrading and updating our services with unique and portable key features, advertising integration and phone application accessibility.

Prodigyโ€™s Blog is ready to serve the Cameroon community with nothing but enticing and captivating contents. We believe in our slogan โ€˜Trend with usโ€™ and a signature/ baseline โ€˜Believe the Hypeโ€™!

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  • First and foremost we wish to build a platform which acts a voyage to take our readers through as we express thoughts and opinions.
  • Most brands and Business today donโ€™t see the need for Marketing; we are here to highlight its importance and promotion.
  • Generally we are out to help people in any sphere of life with a little exposure.
  • We equally wish to connect with people by establishing a reputable community in networking.
  • We donโ€™t want to blend in and follow blogging conventions and norms we wish to stand out by using disruption as a major tool.
  • Creativity lies central to our existence, therefore we are willing spice information and make it worth reading and consuming.
  • Thereโ€™s always the opportunity to earn a living out of blogging, someone has to put food on his table by converting passion to profession.

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