When the Biblical figure Jesus Christ spiritually the son of God and physically the son of Joseph walked upon the face of the earth undergoing his earthly ministry in doing his fatherโ€™s will while preaching and staying steadfast on the religion and doctrine of Christianity only ended on the cross to redeem mankind from its overwhelming attachment to sin, iniquities and transgressions. Jesusโ€™s actions went contrary to the law and preachings of the governing powers at that time ;the prophets the Pharisees and emperors, found him guilty of treason and blasphemy :he was seen as a traitor and hence needed to get reprimanded for his actions. CRUCIFY HIM! The ultimate verdict

The industry year in and out always has the name Jovi circulating about the media for either something positive or negative he has done or related to his activities. Apparently the name makes headlines, center for buzz and attractions , and generates traffic on most media outlets.

Jovi engages in online wrangles with most musicians in Cameroon and openly disrespects their hustles as he keeps fighting the wrong battles and people but doesnโ€™t get REPRIMANDED?

Jovi is selfish and greedy as he works with just artists in his label, produces and grooms just artists in his label without extending help externally but if pointed out by industry stake holders or fellow colleagues as a problem he becomes agressive and defensive or the gang might come for your head and the end of the day he doesnโ€™t get REPRIMANDED?

Jovi claims to be who heโ€™s not aiming big but staying local, self acclaimed title as MBOKO god under a genre heโ€™s not even the pioneer and doesnโ€™t exist if you try to talk you get castigated for it at the end he doesnโ€™t get REPRIMANDED?

Jovi shows signs of having close ties and friendship with a lot of musicians who have impacted music around Africa like Yousoupha, M.anifest , Akon , J Martins and many others but at the end of the day no collabo just noise and social media hype what an AUDIO COLLABO and goes scot free and never getโ€™s REPRIMANDED?

The question seems unending with practically complicated and defensive answers. Normally itโ€™s kind of difficult to see an industry where the major musician consistently topping buzz feeds musically and gossip charts is a rapper from the HIP HOP genre. Apparently Jovi owes a lot to the industry in terms of problem solving based on the collateral damages heโ€™s done so far. He should get stoned because itโ€™s easy to bash another artist who has done something similar to what Jovi has done but itโ€™s wrong to bash Jovi because heโ€™s always right?

So why does what he says or do lie central to what is going on as showbiz in the industry meanwhile showbiz lovers could just snob his tweets and Facebook posts? It shows Jovi is a bigger threat to the entire industry and has to be crucified and REPRIMANDED but why then isnโ€™t that happening?

Thereโ€™s something about battles irrespective of the sector the biggest weapon you can use In defeating your enemy is using your weakness as a strength so your opponent wonโ€™t have what to use in attacking. So Jovi is known for being negative, selfish, local thatโ€™s him putting out his flaws and thatโ€™s you getting along with them and obviously living with them because it seems like he only shows you what he wants you to see? REPRIMANDING actions that seem obvious and evident might be a waste of time.

Should we be more concerned about what heโ€™s doing than what he isnโ€™t doing? be more worried about the other artist who are working their ass out to get this attention yet they canโ€™t , truth be told the green snakes in green grass in the industry are rather those who are unpredictable with no visible flaws or negative sides. Thatโ€™s a RED LIGHT ๐Ÿšจ rather! At the end of the day who wins?

Even babies donโ€™t cry over spilled milk because they can always go back to the source and tap out more. As the saying goes the devil you know is better than the angel you donโ€™t know, thatโ€™s you blaming the devil for all the bad things happening in your life but have you asked yourself if you are living by the ways of God or put right with him?

So finally why does Jovi never gets REPRIMANDED?