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The 15th of January 2022 marked the first official step of the POWWA FEST UK a 100% Cameroonian festival by Cameroonians for Cameroonians which has undergone a planning phase of 2years and a 6 months presentation. By “Festival” it incorporates Culture, mode, fashion, cinema, art.

It is an annual platform dedicated to promoting the culture of Cameroon to a wider international audience. It strives to promote the diversity of Cameroon’s culture through music, film, and art. POWWA is a co-production between concert and festival promoters with years id experience in delivering art and music events around the world.

A group is of vibrant Cameroonians “proud of who we are” come together with the of promoting the Cameroonian culture at a global scale via valorization and subsequent exportation. This was triggered by the fact Cameroonian arts and culture in their entirety are practically hIi in the international scene.

ο”΄Why Powwa?

Now the birth of Powwa came as a result of answering this specific question of What Cameroon is doing or what role are they also playing on a global scale and what strategies do they intend to use for penetration.

It’s the first festival dedicated to putting Cameroonian art and music first while exporting Cameroonian culture and heritage. Each Year POWWA Festival will invite creatives from all over Cameroon and the rest of the world. A performance platform to showcase Cameroonian A-list and upcoming talents, of all arts and musical genres, to a wider global audience will be provided. The festival aims to be the best resource platform for Cameroonian creatives to break the international barriers and infiltrate the mature global market of African Art and music.

The first edition of the POWAA Festival will feature artists [Solo and groups] bands, and performers to join thousands of music fans in 2  of the UK’s biggest cities London and Birmingham in the summer of June 2022.

Why do we talk about a Cameroon that once had its grandeur via the exportation of soul Makossa which was a phenomenal genre across Africa and the world is seen through its impact in sampling by other music acts? Why is it only left to us as a passing glory?

Now Powwa Festival is here to instill the spirit of collaborations and sponsorships. It serves as a platform to federate and network with those who matter, and when referring to the platform it’s imperative to note that it’s registered in the UK and back in Cameroon under the Ministry of Arts and Culture and collaborations with other countries like Australia while equally extending to other European Countries.

ο”΄Who is involved in the process?

As mentioned in the preceding paragraphs it’s a 100% Cameroonian initiative and to be part of the chain the number one criteria is that you are a born Cameroonian or by  Nationality and this involves everyone and anyone doing arts: it cuts across music, media, Cameramen and more.

For that which involves the second phase that is the selection and structuring: a confirmation will be done in due course as the main objective of the presser is for sensitization mostly, how to work, who to work, and opportunities at disposal.

ο”΄How is this different from a Show?  What makes it a Festival?

It involves everything arts not limited strictly to music, and entertainers or people involved in the process are not coming to perform and get paid, they are coming to promote arts, and the main reason behind lies in the federation. Performing in front of Cameroonians for Cameroon by Cameroonians.

ο”΄How do you plan on Collaborating and creating opportunities? [Mature market]

Looking at the amount of content, streams generally the numbers play a great role now in
African music under the canopy Afrobeat the goal is to bring under this universe regardless of genre, working in synergy to attend the goal of introducing arts in an already existing mature market through blending or copying and modifying.

ο”΄Now why are other genres from Africa grouped as AFROBEATS? Does it seek to understand if our music is appreciated?

It is appreciated by people of the first generation, there’s a bigger market out of that and that’s the younger generation who can stream music. [A massive market opportunity]

Internet penetration and subscription is a problem too, taking to a more mature project.
All the artists need to federate together it’s not about one artist and a genre it’s a combination of us coming together and valorizing the music.

ο”΄How do we go about prioritizing and giving Cameroonian artists that relevance same as other artists with bigger influence.

Now in this part it’s important to know visibility is key and it’s different from entitlement, Cameroonians expect more because they feel it’s a Cameroon thing but that’s not the case here, so the goal is to work in unison and a federation to valorize and export arts in all its form this will be enhanced or facilitated especially by the media, the role of the media and the arts are the same, the media is there to mirror the arts and that’s why the presser understood this mechanism and involved the media in the process.

Media exchange question and answers

As of now, the Festival is still open fo partnership and collaborations.

There we very important media heads and key persons like Ahmed Baron of Blu Nation, Mr. Pride of Team Powwa, Biradzem Benoit Yuven of The HotJem | Pureyuvenity Blog, Fon Noel of Prodigys’s Blog Ndicho Boris of E KWAT tv, Randy Kimbi of KIMBI BLOG, Ages Brian of Muzikol, Donald Woods of @Hypehouse and many other media heads

Media heads in Cameroon showbiz.

Who is Benzolo?

Benzolo is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter who hails from the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The Bamenda artist defined his creative decision and artistic direction inclined to Makossa a legendary and the most exported music genre in Cameroon.

He confessed to having drawn his inspiration musically from the legendary Cameroonian singer Prince Ndedi Eyango who has consistently served the Cameroon entertainment industry with nothing but folk music predominately makossa.

History holds it his academic formation records a Bachelors degree in Communication apart from the fact he couldn’t foster his education based on financial constraints and lack of funds from the family he sorts to use music as a gateway which was a passion tend profession.

His love for music dates back to yesteryear and only materializes now with his debut track dubbed KONGOSA which is heavily influenced by Makossa and cuts across highlife music.

The artist is currently signed to Umojami Records which is also powers Umaji Pulse
which makes it possible to use social media as a creative tool aimed at empowering and developing African creative mindset and communities. Imagination is everything creative.
Link πŸ”—:

The song is now available for your viewing and listening pleasure on YouTube. You are just a click away for the full video experience.

Link πŸ”—:

You can also follow his social media handles.
Follow Benzolo on social media via

β€’Instagram: @Benzomusic

β€’Facebook: Benzolomusic


Profiling Cameroonian Nakossa artist Benzolo

There’s a concept many of us fail to apply or probably aren’t just aware of, “Reading the room ” is a skill. Reading the room is taking into consideration or comprehending the prevalent emotion or thoughts of the people in the room: being cognizant of cues coming from people around you at a given point in time”

Now I wish to have a reversed paradigm by flipping the other side of the coin to be “PAY ATTENTION”. Well, I’ll be more focused on negative signals which are of positive intention, there are some things we are passive about which I believe if we are paying attention and more intentional about our observations will save us from trouble.

There are people in your life, on your contact list, on your social media following that have never typed congratulations, Courage, wished you a happy birthday, honored your invitation, ignited a chat with you, endorse your stuff but will do for everyone around you every single time.

It’s minor but pay ATTENTION to friends and family who are in this lane.

Pay attention to those who pay attention to your updates, your works, your success, but don’t give the attention.

Pay attention to those who are drawn close to information meant to sabotage you or feed up from your filth, who find pleasure in knowing information that concerns you especially aim at ridiculing. They might not like you but will not make it obvious [minor degrading comments, posts you can easily notice]

Pay attention to those who are always at the receiving end but always give you complaints about a lack, search yourself search your chats you will find that person and it’s important to pay attention to them their aim might be wanting to suck you dry or generally you aren’t worth it.

Pay attention to those who rarely appreciate your works, endorse your success even when everyone does but will do that to someone in the same field as you especially if you are in close communication with the person.

Pay attention to the same jokes made about you repeatedly by some particular people, that may be how they feel or think about you and they’re letting the world know via mild sarcasm.

Pay attention to friends and family you fell out with and come back in your life showing excessive love and concern.

Pay attention to those who view your status, stories, updates 24/7, 365 days a year but never say a word, skip through your nominations, your graduation, your birthday, your engagement, your job acquisition, your endorsement deal, your vacations, your lovely pictures, and nothing ever interests them!

Pay attention to those who know a lot about you, always inquisitive, curious, and nosey but secretive about their life, barely allow you know what’s up with their life. Search yourself and your contact list we all have that person.

Pay attention to those who are close to you that never help you in a financial crisis but help random people out there to get a good name for themselves but call you out just to drink, emotional blackmail and seducing your conscience with another good will that isn’t fulfilling your request.

Pay attention to those really close to you who are successful but have never shared with you their success secrets and every time put you on a rendezvous that never happens, it’s passive and doesn’t look like anything serious until you start paying attention.

What or who are you paying attention to? you have to pay attention, go back search yourself, search your contact list, search your community, search your family, search your colleagues and friends, search your acquaintances, when you pay attention you must keep your distance you don’t have to CUT OFF! That’s if it’s the only option you have, but letting go is important.

Lastly, PAY ATTENTION to this post and the poster we are all vulnerable.

Complete lyrics MOLA by Awu

Complete lyrics of AWU SING SONG ‘s MOLA

You find your place
But nothing no dey
The people wey dem put you down dey
Dey fear na your grace

I di forgive anybody wey
No want make i see light
No matter how dark night e dey
The sun e go still shine


Mola na when you go wise
Mola na when you go wise

You Killing me for Extra nothing,
Extra Nothing
Oh you killing Me for extra nothing
Extra nothing
Oh you killing me for extra nothing
Extra nothing
Mmmmmm you killing me for Extra nothing
Extra nothing

Iyeah yeah oh 2x
Iyeah yeah oh
Iyeah yeah oh

Verse 2.

If you want be somebody
know somebody wey know somebody
The philosophy of charity
Wey di turn good friends to enemies
I fit live a life with no money
Over five star life with no meaning
I no want fall under simile
simile oh sim sim simile

I di forgive anybody wey
No want make i see light
No matter how dark night e dey
The sun e go still shine


Mola na when you go wise
Mola na when you go wise

You Killing me for Extra nothing,
Extra Nothing
Oh you killing Me for extra nothing
Extra nothing
Oh you killing me for extra nothing
Extra nothing
Mmmmmm you killing me for Extra nothing
Extra nothing

Iyeah yeah oh 2x
Iyeah yeah oh
Iyeah yeah oh


Mola na when you go wise
Mola na when you go wise

You Killing me for Extra nothing,
Extra Nothing
Oh you killing Me for extra nothing
Extra nothing
Oh you killing me for extra nothing
Extra nothing
Mmmmmm you killing me for Extra nothing
Extra nothing

Keep streaming on various platforms here

Link πŸ”—:

A couple of times talks about AWU SING SONG  has popped up as concerns labeling his music journey so far and his stance in the Cameroon urban music scene. Some school of thoughts think he’s underrated why another think he’s simply inconsistent , he could be consistently underrated aswell as his inconsistency is underrated depending on what perspective you chose to analyze it from anyways the focus of the writeup is as to what the future has for him.

Awunganyl Etiendem Nkemasong popularly known by the pseudonym Awu has made more than a decade in the music scene undeniably amongst the earliest new school music artists the industry saw around 2012 then gaining the spotlight in 2014 with the song “If a can, Can” FIFA WORLD CUP song 2014- Brazil. With little or no marketing and promo this piece fetched him some degree of fame nationwide and internationally as his arts and name became a household name.

We see a progressive artist who has evolved with his music cutting across Football inclined chants, a touch of the new school afrobeat and then the makossa vibe evidently projected through his music pieces over the years – Sidonima is one of those creations that sparked a new flair of the artist’s creativity placing an asterisk on his versatility, one of those artist safe to say he was born to make music, music being part of his trajectory of life.

There’s this nostalgic feeling everytime there’s a musical interlude in a gathering and a makossa song pops up, the feeling of wanting to identify in that golden music era makes the atmosphere lively. For a fact many of the music artists in recent time are shying away from basking in the glories of Mokossa by holding firm to it as rod to create music and recycle the one sound which represents a Cameroon sound.

The Makossa vibe is eventually fading away and getting extinct and we can only tend to attach to it’s past glories and the nostalgic feeling it brings. How do we explain the fact this generation still dances to the tunes of Makossa but few of it’s artists capitalize their music creation on it or simply continuing the genre, making a legacy out of it.

For an artist like Awu who is a gem of writer has understood the need to hold firm to the vibe that makes Cameroon known musically in the urban scene, it’s easier once it integrates two music eras – the young and the old simultaneously. For tracks like YAYATO and ZEGE ZEGE serve as a foresight of what Awu is truely made of and what he’s capable of doing in years to come. You can’t snub the groovy and wavy vibe these masterpieces bring about when you are opportuned to fully give a listening ear.

The fact Makossa is still widely accepted by today’s generation should serve as a boost to every artist who’s probably thinking of going down that lane of making music but is held aback by the fear of it not welcomed and consumed. There’s prove through Awu and a few others that Makossa is still very much alive as he successfully defines his style and sound as “Makossa-Fusion” – Mokossa lying central to his arts but opening its doors to other genres to blend in for sure.

Awu is one of those entertainers who has nothing more to prove as far as arts and creativity is concerned ,so how does he make the “Makossa-Fussion” a reality? 
β€’Consistent about the genre and giving people reasons to see he has a mastery of his sound.
β€’ Dishing out a body of work [Albums and EPs]  which is principally Afrocentric while introducing the Makossa-Fusion genre.
β€’ Marketing, promoting and interconnecting with other musical stakeholders and enthusiasts.

As he holds firm to Makossa there’s obviously an ever ready population to consume by dancing to it’s melodies and rhythms regardless of the music eras. The future is, safe when all other things fall in place the PRODUCT is obviously ready, now the marketing and exporting is what a greater part of his career plan afterwards should be the focal point.  As we are looking forward to a music album we are hoping for an upgrade from local market to mainstream.

Prodigy’s Blog The Journal Series 4

Cameroonian versatile RnB and Afrobeat music artist Locko signed to Universal Music Africa drops his 3rd studio album titled ERA made up of 15 tracks. The body of work is rich in folkloric melodies and a mΓ©lange of the Cameroonian rhythms predominantly enveloped by the SAWA cultural feeling and vibe typical to the Littoral Region of Douala people. Era serves as a prelude to a new music era for the artist as he redefines his creative decision and maps out a course to an updated artistic direction.

The artist goes beyond the Cameroonian borders envisaging to serve another music audience across the African continent through carefully selected collaborations with other ace and talented singers such as Cysoul, Ful, and Tayc from Cameroon, Innoss’B from Congo, Bramsito from France.

Locko is one of the super music talismans and awesome vocalists Cameroon is proud to have and has been consistently serving the music industry with mind-blowing music pieces for more than half a decade now. A voice pure to humans not scared to pierce the veil is embedded in rich lyrics and melodies that serve as a trigger to ultimate eargasm and earworm. The artist has stretched out his wings and flown through new horizons with the intention of acquiring for himself a new fan base and possibility of fetching International recognition and nominations.

Cover arts of Locko’s third album titled ERA

In recent times his album features on over a dozen Playlists on streaming platforms like Boomplay, Spotify and Apple Music.

His discography and the album are a blend of Sawa vibe, highlife pop, and Afro-pop. The album is available on all major music streaming platforms, below is the 15 tracklist. You are just a click away for the full listening experience.

1) Heal song, 2) Come and go, 3) Fall in love , 4) Amina ft Tayc, 5) Indices (NDC), 6) Belle mere ft Inoss’b, 7) Yaye 

8) Bloque, 9) Don’t let them, 10) Sawa daddy, 11) Pardone ft Cysoul & Ful, 12) Ma piere , 13) Manuluv, 14) Voyage ft Bramsito, 15) Meme meme chose.

Listen to full album here :

In my observation especially with children I conducted random sampling after asking a group of children -which artists they know in Cameroon majority, mentioned Ko-c, others mentioned Happy D’Effoulan. For Ko-c they came singing “Ton CaleΓ§on fait quoi chez Moi?” and Happy was “Oh Tchapeu Tchapeu” others were Diamond Platinum x Innos B.

Then I realized it wasn’t out of preference but rather because of what they were exposed to, the snack, bars, and business centers around that quarter had these tracks in a loop, even from a distance you can you hear the song echoing. Now because they were familiar with it they tend to like it! 

[ Was is the content of the song and its quality? Or the intentional promotion from these music retailers?] Remember in this writeup I’m stating that repeated listening to a particular song can bring about familiarity hence involuntary likeness. 

The way music lovers consume music differs and their taste buds and preferences of the particular music genre they consume. But in my observation, I’ve noticed music is appreciated at optimal, peak levels of familiarity and complexity. The same way we lose interest in music after repeated listening is the way we heighten our love for particular music after repeated listening irrespective of its complexity. 

This has to do with exposure, some times when you listen to a particular music piece over and over you unconsciously find yourself singing it, even if it’s music you don’t like. This rests on the concept of familiarity pushing out complexity. Is there something special about “Joe Boy’s “Alcohol” song or because it’s wavy and trending? 

Now you see DJs have a very important role in the music exportation chain and subsequent consumption, if you are exposed to a particular song daily for 24 hours over about 1 month the tendency is that song becomes an “earworm” liking for the song increases not because you originally loved the song but because y is familiar to it. 

And then at one point, it becomes an epidemic because everyone seems to be vibing to it, you tag along and make the best of it like numbers pull more numbers the human psychology has been tailored to be influenced by this algorithm. However, there are songs you listen to and fall in love with for the first time but more and more the love augments monotonically after replicated listening across all levels of complexity. 

This stipulates that familiarity lies central as a pivotal predictor for the liking of music irrespective of genre, timbre, structure, complexity, melody, rhythm, vocals, and other factors and that repeated listening can increase the liking of almost any piece of music if listened to under natural circumstances. 

This goes back to back up the agenda of “Support your own” which to me is unending warfare, I’m very much convinced content alone, quality, and professionalism are not enough because we keep alluding to “Lack of home music consumption to poor quality what about the absence of promotion!? 

There are songs from upcoming artists that if music retailers, business centers, social joints, and snacks play repeatedly it will become an earworm. Quick example Chilla by DE Faka 

Watch here 


The Kaki Mbere crooner Gasha took to her social media handle particularly on Facebook to air her thoughts and stance about getting a boyfriend before Valentine’s Day February 14th. Her desire and wish are also to receive baby girl treatment and experience a normal couple life below is a screenshot of the posts she made and copied out texts.

The oppression months are coming..😭smh I’m bitter.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
This coming 14th, somebody’s son must give me a stuffed ladybug and kiss my faceπŸ₯°. Otherwise that 14th night I’ll become an arsonistπŸ’€. Ask the people who know me, my dark side is dark, darkπŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί . You guys pray my male version finds ohh this single life sucks hard sometimes. I guess it’s time to choose violence and ARREST like a wicked mbereπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί.

I no want cheap man pikin I beg. I no want current or ex ashawo man pikin either I begπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜­ I need na person weh don overcome ih hoe stage. Person weh fear God die. Infact my male version. Real Gee! The worst thing na say make u check say person na deep gee then see after say na cheap, pussy nigga.πŸ’”
That kind sweet, sensitive gangster. Make the person try get atleast two pikin so that I just adopt am no over stress again. That mean say two pikin na ih go gimme.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
If your vision no big pass ma own just remain in ur chairπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
We get to get the same music taste too man I nofit deal with people weh di play bar musicπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ.
Ih normally get to like chacking nor?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
You gotta be smart mehnn smarter than me I nofit deal with a dim wit. A perfect mix of royalty and rude.
Then try hollam papa. No be say na condition but hollam. Hold correct foupchoup ma reme na high maintenance πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚β€οΈ.

@oktgenesis also known as MakWes on social media and friends real names are Ndeh Kankeu Wesley Makia,a 23yrs Cameroonian upcoming underdog entrepreneur in Forex(foreign exchange) Stocks,NFT(non fungible tokens) collector, Pi Network enthusiast,metavers investor web3 and blockchain educator not withstanding cryptocurrency guru…

He started at a very young age off the streets as a hustler like most Cameroonian youths today and got into Forex in late 2018 with the hopes of gaining financial independence like everyone else aime for..

His love and passion for Forex got him into stocks,cryptocurrency,blockchain and more others where he’s been very successful at it to the point he motivates a lot of youths worldwide showing them it’s possible and they can aswell do it like him.

Oktgenesis is one of the first individuals to get into #pinetwork a fast growing cryptocurrency Which is the first crypto you could mine from your phone with just a click which started in 2018 when it had less 100,000 miners back then but have more than 29 million miners known as pioneers today and keeps growing…

As if it wasn’t enough for the young entrepreneurs who never stops learning he got into NFT at its early stage in 2021 when he saw Tory lanes announced the release of his Album in August which sold out in less than 15min so he started learning about it and total owns some masterpieces worth thousands of dollars and knowing the connection NFT have with metavers,blockchain,vr (vertual reality).

Follow Okt Genesis on social media .

Facebook page : Mak-Wes FX link

Instagram : @Oktgenesis link ( )

Twitter : @Okt_genesis link (

YouTube ; Mak Wes TV link ( https://.com/channel/UCUqQJ9B5tkqouFF__jhvIOQ ).

This year the gospel sector has been alive and active with some of the gospel singers and ministers dropping soul edifying pieces, praise, and worship songs. These are some of the songs we promoted and and Top gospel songs exclusively on Prodigy’s Blog.

@G4 ft LesLine – ZION
The song stands at 21k+ YouTube views, it’s a combination of gospel rap and melodious worship.

Maureen Forbah – MIRACLE GROUND
Link πŸ”—:
The song is at 23k+ YouTube views.

@Joy Forze x Pandita Njoh – BEAUTIFUL
Link πŸ”—:
The song us at 7.3k+ YouTube views.

AkuBai one of those consistent gospel artists this year dropping singles, an Ep with several live concerts, performances and interviews. Her EP is still available for streaming. Her latest single DIEU TE VOIT
Link πŸ”—:

Link πŸ”—:
The song is at 12k+ YouTube views.

Link πŸ”—:
Song at 2.3k + YouTube views.

Vershiy – FAITHFUL
link πŸ”—:
Song at 4.8k YouTube views.

Sister Emily newest face in the gospel scene dropped her debut project an EP an 8 track EP titled DONE FOR ME.
It’s available on YouTube for streaming.
Link πŸ”—:

Link πŸ”—:
Song is over 2.9million views.

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