Music has no boundaries and I am beginning to think the limit to every musical piece should lie in the artist’s inability to imagine. The crazy thought you have about something which you aren’t executing could probably be what will work for you why not try it out. Every artist will tell you there’s no mistake in music, even mistakes will be justified as part of the creation process.

Taken unawares MBOLÉ seems to be that sound that has gained wide admiration in Cameroon and is predominantly loved by the French-speaking community with a minority in the English-speaking community. It appears to be the sound of the moment and is gradually becoming the country’s contemporary music. If you are keen on the sound you can easily liken it to the famous music genre BIKUTSI.

One can say Mbolé is a defacto genre or break away from Bikutsi, it has almost every characteristic and is heavily influenced by the musical instruments which give the genre its rhythm, melodies, tone, and most especially the STORYTELLING technique. Mbolé is putting together your musical instruments noticeably the balafon, Meet, drums, and maybe shakers, two unique beat patterns that could practically serve as the main rhythm for the song’s existence and then narrate a story.

In as much as it’s gradually gaining nationwide admiration and acceptance, not everyone relates to the sound as it rather appears noisier than the familiar Bikutsi. Mbolé falls under folk indigenous music based on its cultural connotation valorizing the preferred native languages, traditional dances, and cultural beat patterns.

There’s the fear that Mbolé might tend to reduce the love of good music in Cameroon based on the fact youths are gradually drifting and switching attention to its consumption, they are moved by the energetic, electrifying, and danceable tunes that accompany it and relate more to it because it’s lyrics mostly re telling a story almost every youth who grew up in a common neighborhood relates to and understands. It makes use of creole – Francanglais, or some self-styled patois that makes up the common communication style of youths because they are familiar with it.

The fear that everyone is picking interest in it not only as a fan but equally as a creator is what makes the whole takeover scary. Since you don’t stress much on the vocals, pitch, or tones and kind of goes against the base or norms of music creation. It suffices for anyone to have a mastery of a coherent story jump on a beat and start narrating, was Mbolé supposed to remain a freestyle art or transformed into a music genre? Because it’s outdoor animation for cultural events, public joints, informal events like wake keeps, and community events.

If you ask me that’s basically how the music looks like, a storytelling freestyle, just like DJs in snack bars who give “Atalakus”, Mbolé doesn’t contrast much from that. It’s even easier for it to dominate in Live music for the sole purpose that most of its instruments are played live and the singing doesn’t need much vocal training. A shocking revelation I listened to a gospel chant in a Cameroonian church evolving on the mbolé pattern, exact style of delivery, and melodies but with Christian lyrics and religious connotation.

Can this sound be accepted as a genre outside Cameroon? There’s always an audience to every music and for sure there are groups of people other than Cameroonians who will be moved by it. We have seen Happy d’Effoulan tour Europe meaning the sound is gradually being exported, however more to the French zones. How big is the French market in terms of music consumption?

With the right marketing and promotion, it’s possible, it’s already well branded and easily identifiable: the unique dance steps, the beats, and then the dress style is gradually giving it an identity. That’s why you can easily identify a song as Mbolé, however, there’s the danger that over time it might lose value since every artist venturing into it sounds the same and more déjà vu: repetition of concepts. For it to continue breaking boundaries and giving people a reason to believe in its success it will need something new and fresh added to what we have.

Shout out to every artist in Cameroon who represents this music style.

Diaspora base independent artist Weiser announces the release of his Ep titled Joy & Pain. WEISER whose real name is Ngwa Bruce Armel was born in Bamenda ( bambili ) on 12th Dec. He is a singer and he started his music career in 2002. Inspired by his elder brother Yimtchi Narcisse who was always singing and interpreting songs with him. He went to College Classique of Bonaberie a plumber by profession. He finally moved to Germany where he resides now. He lives in Germany precisely in Baden-Württemberg.

His first time in studio was in 2003 when He wrote his first single titled( fou de toi and you’r the one 4 me ) which was on tape record and is no more relevant. Music has always been his soul comforter even though he had to take a long break because of too much responsibility but he is not relenting his efforts to move ahead of his dream.

This is the reason why he presents his 9 track Project titled JOY & PAIN. A blend and mixture of both sides of the coin ie expressing emotions of Love, care, comfort and pain. Two great producers from Cameroon worked on the project.

LLink 🔗:

Mp3 Download Tzy Panchak – All over me. Tzy Panchak finally drops the visuals of track 9 off his album ALL OVER ME following the audio which was released exclusively on boomplay Music. This piece is one of the love songs that complements his album LOVE and WAR set to be released on the 6th of July.

You are just a click away from the full video experience and are now available on YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗:

Mp3 Download Tzy Panchak – All over me.

Tzy Panchak – All over me mp3

Mp3 Download Tebid Fidel – Why today a fast-rising Cameroonian Afro pop singer and songwriter. His new single titled Why Today is a regret song that evokes pathos as the artist payments over a loss of a loved one. The lyrics narrate the emptiness of life and long life that isn’t even guaranteed so show love now and why you can so you don’t leave in regrets. The video quality is good and blends with the storyline which will keep every viewer glued to the screens to watch how it unfolds and ends. For the full video experience, the song is available on YouTube.

link 🔗:

Mp3 Download Tebid Fidel – Why Today [Here]

Tebid Fidel – Why Today mp3

Swychr (pronounced as ‘Switcher’), a remittance startup that leverages on blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies to simplify remittances to and between African countries have launched a presale of their crypto token dubbed “Purple coin X or PCEX for short”.

We had a chat with Swychr’s CEO Aaron Munga, a Cameroonian born tech entrepreneur based in Dubai to try and understand what Swychr does, how they do it, what their presale is all about and how people can participate in the presale of their token. 

Here is quick resume of our chat with Aaron about their project.

Tell us a bit about Swychr:

At Swychr our goal is to simplify remittances to and between African and other emerging market countries by making remittance transactions more convenient and cheaper. We do this using our digital token known as Purple coin which is stable in value and powers remittance transactions across our ecosystem. 

How this works is very simple, fiat is tokenized on one end by simply purchasing purple coins, transferred to a beneficiary using their Swychr ID (email address) and then withdrawn back to fiat on the other end in the beneficiary’s local currency.

The whole transaction is so convenient as everything is done within the app both by the sender and the receiver. The sender tokenizes fiat money within the app (purchase the token) and pay using local and international payment methods including but not limited to Visa and MasterCard, barter payment, bank transfer and mobile money wallets. 

For settlements, we are making use of the most popular settlement networks in different markets for example in Cameroon we can settle into mobile money and bank accounts, in India UPI payments and so on.

To cater for class of users in the markets we serve, we have ensured that you can send money to someone who does not know about or is not willing/able to use Swychr app. 

How to do is also quite simple and all within Swychr mobile app. Once you have the tokens in your wallet, you can go ahead to initiate a withdrawal directly from your wallet, select the country and payment method, enter the details of the beneficiary for example mobile money account number and name and submit. Swychr’s merchant then handles the settlement into your beneficiary’s mobile money account without them ever needing to download and or sign up to Swychr.

Also, it is useful to add that, Purple coin has a predefined value in each currency or market where we operate for capital onboarding and offboarding hence the sender is exactly sure of how much the beneficiary will get in local currency at the time of withdrawal.

We understand what role Purple coin plays in your ecosystem, can you tell us a bit about PCEX and what role it plays within your network:

Swychr is a web 3 company. What this basically means is that every member of our community be it users (customers), merchants and any stakeholder across the network must be fairly rewarded for their role in sustaining the network. PCEX token, whose market value at any point in time will depend on the forces of demand and supply in the market is the incentivization mechanism across the network. 

That is to say, every stakeholder shall be rewarded by earning a given quantity of PCEX token for specific actions that they take in the interest of the network. For example, users are going to earn a given quantity of PCEX tokens by performing a remittance transaction on the app and in the same way, merchants shall earn PCEX tokens for settling transactions on the app in addition to the commission they already get from Swychr as per the scope of the agreement with Swychr. 

Moreover, because the value of the company or the project is intrinsically linked to the value/market cap of the token, holding a PCEX token is equivalent to holding a stake in the project. Therefore, our stakeholders hold a stake and command authority across the network which is typical of web 3 as opposed to web 2 businesses.

That set, the token generation event (TGE) of PCEX is planned for December 2022 after which PCEX will be in circulation and available for trading on exchange platforms.

Can you elaborate on the PCEX token presale and why it is important for people to participate?

We have launched a drive to issue over 3.6 million PCEX token allocations at an entry rate of only USD 0.14 per token which we believe is a good value for money as this is the lowest it will ever be. This is a unique opportunity for people to come in and acquire the token before the TGE which is planned for December 2022 and stand a chance to hit big in terms of returns at the ICO and beyond. 

Note that, with a life time supply of only 210M PCEX tokens and a token burn wallet of at least 5.3%  supported by a vesting schedule across all the classes and a viable business model (the remittance business), you can be more than sure about the stability and potential upward trajectory of the token’s value post the TGE.

Moreover, we have very good plans for the PCEX token with real life applicability rather than just being a speculative digital asset. I may not be able to tell you everything thing we have planned for the PCEX token now but of course I can mention a few used case scenarios of the PCEX token which includes but is not limited to the following:

PCEX token will be the only liquidity token used to pay for service fees on Swychr’s marketplace where other digital assets including NFTs shall be traded on an P2P basis. 

Also, thanks to PCEX token, small businesses across emerging markets will be able to collect payments from their customers in a truly p2p fashion keeping transactions fees to a maximum of 1% which by so doing saves these businesses billions of USD in transaction annual fees if they were to keep using the conventional financial system. Again, the ability to receive their payments immediately (p2p) will significantly improve their working capital compared to having to wait for several working days in the current system which in my opinion is outdated.

PCEX will enable complete inclusion of the emerging markets into the crypto economy as holders will be able to swap PCEX for other crypto assets on global exchange platforms. 

Last but not the least, other projects shall be incentivized to build on Swychr’s tech with PCEX being the liquidity token powering the entire economy.

Regarding the presale of our token, participation is exclusively via the Swychr app which is available for FREE download on Google play and/or App store. Here is quick step by step guide on how to secure a PCEX allocation in this presale –

We have also put together a lot of useful information about the project and the tokenomics here –

Lots of strides has been made to enable participation on the African continent mostly by integrating all available local payment methods including MTN mobile and Orange money wallets hence anyone can participate in the presale by just downloading our app. There is also no minimum or maximum amount of allocation so there is really no barrier to entry.

Learn more about Swychr here – 

For questions, suggestions, or any kind feedback, reach us at 

You can also join our telegram group where the conversation is going on – 

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft CrownzFire, Two of Cameroon’s new wave rappers AsapKid x Crownz and the next generation of vibrant artists combine their energies on this piece titled FIRE. Just like the title the song is lit the vocals, delivery, flow, and video quality + concept are all on point. It’s worth your time as you are just a click away from your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗:

Download and stream a AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire.

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire

Mp3 Download Bruce BreezyTaking over. Bruce BreeZy Official comes through with a new single titled TAKING OVER which he claims is the most expensive music video in Cameroon at the moment. For an artist who has been all about delivering good music, he’s raised the bar high by pulling a few strings to up his game in terms of the quality of his arts and music. He’s actually on the path of taking over musically with new and unique concepts.

You are a click away from your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗:

Download and Stream Bruce Breezy – Taking Over.

Mp3 Download Bruce Breezy- Taking Over.

Mp3 Download Bruce Breezy – Taking over

Mp3 Download Yayato by KKing Kum Ft Happy d’Effoulan is contemporary music of a typical Cameroonian society heavily influenced by Mbolé which could be described as a de facto genre or a break away from the popular Bikutsi genre. “Yayato” is a pidgin English slang that means “welcome”. The song serves as a tool for activism against domestic violence prioritizing the female gender while inviting the males to respect women regardless of their statuses.

It’s very energetic and lively which gives room for dancing complemented with a memorable and catchy hook. The lyrics of the song are predominately delivered in the French language.

You are just a click away for you viewing and listening pleasure.
Link 🔗:

Mp3 Download Kking Kum ft Happy D’Effoulan – Yayato.

Mp3 Download Kking Kum ft Happy D’Effoulan – Yayato.

Biography of Spirit – T Cameroonian Singer, song writer, music producer and video director.Biography of Cameroonian singer, song writer, music producer and video director Nformi Rinus Ngawang, born on 19 June 1992, artistically known as Spirit-T is a Cameroonian singer, songwriter, producer, and music video director. He is an offspring of Nformi Joseph and Nformi Justine with four siblings. He hails from the North-west region of Cameroon precisely Nkambe
(Dunga-Mantung Division).

His musical career germinated at the age of twelve when he was still in secondary school in his hometown (G.B.H.S. Bamenda). At this time, he started as a freestyle rapper, who will prefer making a freestyle show during break time in class with his friends hitting the bench to produce rhythms considered then to be instrumentals. He later participated in local radio freestyle Programs every Sunday until he started writing his lyrics. He recorded several demos in the small studios he could find around his home town Bamenda. At the age of sixteen, the same year he was writing the G.C.E ordinary level examination started taking online lessons on the music production software (fruityloops). After he obtained the advanced level in 2011, He decided to take music and showbiz full-time studying whatever he needed to have a full grasp and knowledge in the domain despite the reproach from his parents claiming it is not lucrative in the Country. He studied graphic design, music video directing, and also how to play the piano which will make him a better music producer.
However, he further shaped his musical career in “Cejay Productions”, an audiovisual production house in Bamenda. This was a place of ignition where he discovered most of his musical potential. For two years, he worked as a producer (beat maker) in the recording studio of Cejay productions, recording numerous songs and testing his ability in different musical genres. At this time, he discovered that contemporary afro-pop was most suitable for his unique and peculiar voice. He gradually developed his identity in afro-pop by combining reggae, makossa, njang, hip-hop, R&B, soul, and Afro music. This went a long way to stamping his musical flow and identifying his niche which we all hear today and appreciate
in his songs.

He later moved to the coastal town of Krabi where he worked as a producer in blue flame production studios. Here, he continued to refine and master his craft. From there, he moved to Douala working as an Audio visual technician at Black sheep TV. After working for Blackship TV, He became a producer and recorded under fonhaus music. He has been producing songs and albums for so many upcoming artists and some established urban artists from Cameroon like Mink’s, Lemberger, and the legendary Eko ROOSEVELT. He has been evolving as an artist since then.


He released his first single “number one” in 2010 which was used as a soundtrack in a movie. His second single “Muweh Muweh”, a well-acclaimed song in Bamenda followed in 2012. He released a loved masterpiece “Ngwagu” in 2015 and another “job-job” featuring his label mate Nancy in 2017.
He released his first body of work (an EP) titled “I go Talk” in February 2018 under fonhaus music. It comprised 7 tracks of both afro-pop and hip hop/rap. Two music videos were
made off the songs from this project; “Mek that tin just ends” and ”for life” He has released a couple of other singles. Like “Na you”, “we need peace” and “loving you” in 2019, 2020 and2021 respectively.

🔴Stage Experience

Spirit-T has been performing in small and big shows around the country both live and playback. He did his first live performance in 2014 in “project Bamenda” and at a Valentine’s Day event in 2018 where he performed a couple of his songs live alongside an amazing band. He participated and was a finalist at the Goeth decouvert 2020 and later participated and emerged a finalist in project resilient organized by UNESCO and DSIK in2021 He also was one of the top selected candidateforof Mthe TNZIK 2021.

He has been having live showcase gigs around the country building his experience and vocal prowess.

He recently dropped his debut album dubbed THE HUSTLER’S DIARY.

The Hustler’s Diary Album by Spirit T available enow Digital.

Spirit-T finally dropped the long anticipated EP – THE HUSTLERS DIARY which is joe available for purchase on eNow Digital at just 2000FCFA a copy. The artists has been musically active for over 10 years now and his artistry is top notch. You are just a click away to discovering what what he has to offer to you in his new body of work.


Mp3 Download WansheyAbaabaana. Cameroon’s conscious indigenous rapper raises the bar high in new song Abaabaana. It evolves on a drill type of beat as the versatile rapper switches flow between English and lamnso vernacular making the delivery enticing. You are just a click away from your listening and viewing experience.

Link 🔗:

Download and stream WanShey – Abaabaana

Mp3 Download Wanshey – Abaabaana

Mp3 Download Wanshey – Abaabaana