Dr Nkeng Stephens one of Cameroon’s prolific videographers doubles as Label Manager and CEO of the music Label Steven’s Music and CPE the movement for video coverage. He has bagged several awards with National and International recognitions via nominations. His works are applaudable in terms of quality and style therefore act as proof to the credit given to his profession.

However following a Facebook post this Ace videographer and director made later on November 15th as quotes…

Hi Chuzih DirectorChuzihI love the way you coming up The consistency,The hard work ,The growth I see in any new videos of yours. Keep it up bro, just always stay positive like u have always been.We need more great video Directors in our country, Artist them done di plenty ??Much love bro (nohomo?),Keep taking another shot#wetakeanothershot

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Nkeng Stephens as a ‘soin disant’ father obviously giving a shout out and some accolades to his colleague Chuzih who has been instrumental pertaining to video directing in Cameroon over the year somehow turned unfavourable. Achu Normand diaspora based musician, song writer and label owner of Akumba Music Label dished out a comment that caught the attention of comment thread readers.

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This comment comes with so many deep points and secrets, first and foremost for those who are still young in Showbiz, Chuzih is a veteran video director, labeling him as an upcoming video director projects a certain degree of disrespect. He is probably forgotten not that he is new, because he was the mastermind behind the artist Awu Mbele’s hit song “IF I CAN“-FIFA World Cup Song 2014 Brasil screened even before some videographers like Mr Adrenaline came to the scene.

Secondly after close follow-up with the latter ,he stipulates the former charges 1.5 million FCFA to 2 million FCFA for his works, without exempting upcoming artists in the game. As Achu will put he asks for 1.5 million upfront without having to go through the music piece and after the review it might rise to 2 million for the work proper. Normand wonders if this is really the love he claims to have for the Industry by exploiting young talents that much without considering the social and financial status.

Re highlighting the first point Director Chuzih been labeled or endorsed as an upcomer will definitely face a lot of controversies. Because this year this seasoned professional has delivered mind blowing works like ‘MARRY ME’ by Rinyuy of Akumba Music, ‘YOUNG ,WILD AND FREE’ by M-Pro of Steven’s Music and ‘TOMORROW’ by Tzy Panchak of Blu Nation featuring Vivid , Cleo Grae and Gasha. Words from the street has it that Chuzih connects more with upcoming artists and produces top-notch videos with little or nothing financially, irrespective of who is involved he will always dish out professional high quality videos for a said piece.

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The question now to ponder on is Why will Dr Nkeng Stephens’ charge for projects not vary with person(s) involved, is he just being professional or actually exploitative?