Personal branding has always been one of the most effective tool for a public figure to sell his or herself to their audience and the general public. It usually entails a lot work following fashion trends, clothed in renowned brands, always on the lookout for paparazzi and a touch of charisma and style. Styling is something peculiar to the person in question with his or her preference for something over another. Its often said your appearance says alot about your personality and to another extend the best compliment to dressing is self confidence. Read below as we take you through our Top Most stylish Cameroon male artist, exclusively established out of observation and follow-up.

1- Numerica aka “Charisma de dey”

Numerica undeniably talented as an artist has evolved in his music career under the music label Arise Entertainment. Over the years his outfit game has been tight, be it the gallery on his social media handles or public appearances there’s always something unique and mesmerizing about his choice of clothes and colour. His love for fashion trends, brands and style has been made public as he launched his clothing brand of recent under the name “Rica Clothing”

Rica Clothing is 100% Cameroonian clothing brand with the objective of pushing and representing culture and tradition in style and fabrics. Numerica confesses to have always had the passion for fashion design which could eventually act as a backbone to his music career. We think he will be okay on the first position.

2- Minks aka “Les gens vont encore dire que je”

Mink’s one of those very talented French rappers from Cameroon under the music label Ach 4 life popularly know for his hit song “Les gars la est laid” which appeared to be the second most remixed song in Cameroon. He has an unquenchable thirst and an insatiable taste for fashion and trends. Always on the look for what is trending cutting across shoes, clothes and other clothing accessories. He’s more of a branded type of artists with obviously expensive and luxurious taste for his outfits. His appearances sometime appear funny to the general public but he simply obsessed with fashion and therefore has to trend with it. He deserves our second position.

3-Wax Dey aka “Mr Arrogant”

Wax Dey one time winner of the award of Best Male artist in Central Africa 2016 after his collabo with Yemi Alade of Nigeria in track title “Mokossa” is the boss of Calabash Music 237. He is a song writer and artist and has released hit songs in and out of Cameroon, with the likes of artists like Nasty-C of South Africa. Wax Dey has an impeccable tight game for suits and fabrics, which portrays him more of a gentle man than on the casual phase. His love for authentic and quality outfit fetched him the third position.

4-Stanley Enow aka “King Kong”

Stanley Enow Co-founder of music label Motherland Empire and multi award winning artist like AFRIMMA 2014 is a bundle of luxury and class. The clothes he puts on depicts a level of prestige he has fore himself and message he passes across via his style to his audience. He knows exactly what to wear for every occasion and public appearance when need be. He is a blend of all fashion styles your can imagine, from Casual, to corporate, to outdoor and party. He therefore will fall in the 4th position.

5- Magasco aka “Bamenda boy”

Magasco commonly known as “Bamenda Boy” is very dynamic and versatile, he cuts across almost every music genre delivering mind blowing tracks and hits back to back , popularly known for his ‘WULE BANG BANG’ hit track equally stands as CEO of the record label BBOY Records however, despite his love and passion for music he has proven to be a lover of style and class. He has a mastery of the colour blends and texture when it comes to his suits and coats. He is an all round type of artist, can readily appear before you in any style and will still look astonishing. His love for fashion and looking good has been backbone severally in his public appearances, shows, concerts and general interviews with the press. It will therefore not be wrong of us to place him on position number 5.

6- Tenor aka “Mr le fiang les ways je yamoh”

Tenor one of those artist who stole the spot light quicker than expected evolves under the music umbrella as a rap artist signed under Universal Music Africa. Popularly know for his hit song “Do le dab” which was unarguably a street street anthem, it fetched him recognition and appreciation nation wide. This music piece was and is a banger that definitely caught the attention of youngsters which he is, he takes the lead in representing the New Generation Artists in sound and rhythm. He is always ready to serve fans, showbiz lovers with what they want. As pertains to his dressing style he represents what we call “SWAG” or “SWAGGER” as he easily captivates the youthful population via his flashy but expensively looking outfits and gadgets. His admiration from showbiz lovers has placed him on position number 5.

7- Tzy Panchak aka “El Chako”

Tzy Panchak lone ranger artist of the music label Blue Nation Recording took barely three years and sky rocketed in his music career as an afro pop and RnB artist. He’s delivered a couple of hit singles like “Nguemme” and featured in a great number of collabos which paved the way for his International tours and concerts. Tzy has a very appealing way appearing before the Camera , his sense of fashion blends in with the modern man in terms of brands and trends. He’s gone further by adopting personal branding as tool to stand out in his style, evidently portrayed in his branded and personalized and customized objects: Shoes, mug and some clothes. He is potted some times with his teeth covered in diamond grills which is worth a fortune. We definitely place him position number 7.

8-Ko-c aka “Gimme the mic yo”

Ko-c former baby boy of Big Dreams Entertainment is now the CEO of music label Power House. Popularly know for his hit song “BOLOH” he practically could be referred to as Cameroon’s fastest rapper. However over the years he has tactfully blended rap and afro beat music to widen his market outlet. Ko-c has a unique style of dressing coupled with his charisma and looks portrays some degree of swag and class. He is always careful about his choice of clothes and colour by knowing what to where and when. We will place him without doubts on position number 8.

9- Locko aka “Yema”

Locko frontline artist of the Music label Big Dreams Entertainment progresses as an RnB artist with great vocals. He sings with a voice that agrees with the ears and allows the hair on your skin from its pores stand on ends. Locko is popularly known for his hit song “Margo” and “Nduttu” which earned him national wide admiration and recognition. When it comes to style he has a way of carrying himself, his size gives a perfect feeling in beach shirts his fun of spotted in, suits flush down his body mass making it look perfectly fitted and a satisfactory feeling. He is more of a simple outfit kind of artist but his simplicity is unique and that’s why he deserves the 9th position.

10- Fhish

Fhish falls under the category of the New Generation Artist and is popularly known for his hit song “Anti Kirikou” he definitely will fall in our list of styled artists because undeniably he has a style on his own, he blends Africa culture with modern trends to produce a master piece of creativity. He represents the fashion bran OSONG of pafe_style and there himself as an artist is a clothing brand entity ad fashion trend. He deserves the 10th position on our Top 10 stylish male artists in Cameroon.

The preceding paragraphs have been a piece of what concerns artists and their personal branding in Cameroon. This doesn’t in any way discredit the other artist’s fashion sense and taste of clothing however highlighting a base and a medium of rating in case a surfer finds his or herself searching for answers on this topic or related topic. This information is based strictly o observations and follow-up ad is therefore pron to mistakes and ope to suggestions.