The life of an entertainer somewhat appears polysemic and versatility is one of the key aspects most entertainers use a s a backbone when considering their fan base and audience. When being referred to as an artist, it takes into consideration Music, Movie-Acting, comedy, Emcees and a host of other entertaining professions. You however don’t need to completely quit one in favor for the other as all are interwoven. We will take you through some of Cameroon’s finest artists who have adopted movie as a support in their music careers.

Nabila frontline artist of the music label @REGNRECORDS  will definitely be progressing in her entertainment career as an actress. Her voice, charisma and looks will go a long way to the movie industry justice, considering the fact she is bilingual this is an adage and a plus for her to be dynamic as far as Entertainment in is concerned.

She will therefore double in her Entertainment career as both a Singer and an Actress. Her debut movie will be “BROKEN” spotted acting along side high profiled Cameroonian actors and producers like Syndy Emade, one of Ghana’s prolific actors John Dumelo , Alenne Menget, T Pana and a host of other outstanding actors. Movie is powered by Blue Rain Entertainment programmed to be screened and premiered on November 22nd at Douala Becy Hall.

Stanley Enow co-founder of the Music label Mother Land Empire is equally spotted in movie shoot scenes as he will be featuring in a soon to be released movie starring Ghanaian actress but Cameroonian actress Okawa Shaznay coming to your TV screens soon. We know in most of the artist recent videos hes adopting a little bit of acting and story telling maybe he has decided to push this forward and see what the Movie Industry has to offer pertaining to his talents and skills.Some pictures of the scenes below.

Daphne one of Cameroon’s most valued female artist as far as music hits back to back is concerned and exportation of the Cameroon music genre genre and style Internationally. She’s an artist under the label Steven’s Music, her roles in her video clips clearly depicts she could confidently emerge in the movie industry with continuous role playing and script memorisation. She kicks start her movie career in the Movie “Fisherman’s Diary” a Kang Quintus’s movie. She will be acting along side high profiled Cameroonian actors as well with the renowned Nigerian screen Lord Ramsey Noah and a host of others. Fans and well wishers were left in awe and can only anticipate for the movie release to grace our eyes with a piece of dynamism. Some pictures of her in action and on set..

Movie and music are two sides of the side coin and generally has one objective to entertain and for the actor a gift of passion for profession for income. This two sectors are interwoven and therefore go a long way in personally branding for the set public figures and to a greater extend development of the movie Industry and Entertainment Industry at large.


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