Giving the King his Crown: Why is Jovi Le Monstre considered Cameroon’s rap god.

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L E T’ S T A L K A B O U T I T

Few weeks back I was asked by two or more people why I revere Ndukong Godlove Nfor as Cameroon’s best MC. Well let me take you back to memory lane 2011 when this personality under the stage name Jovi LeMonstre. hit the spotlight with his debut track ‘Don 4 Kwat’. We understand this particular music piece didn’t have a cover photo but went viral in less than a week. It was the birth of a new baby, the ‘Mboko’ Music Genre.

However, away from the details he is considered as an idol because he hasn’t faced any recession since he launched his career as a ‘rap artist’ , his consistency in his game is overwhelmingly backbone by the passion, the love for culture and a unique aspect is that of originality. Over the years he has remained relevant and has delivered master pieces, we haven’t observed a paradigm shift on the course of his music career being that of Hip Hop/ Rap, he has served the Cameroon community and his fans with nothing but good music.

The coming of Jovi led to the birth of other artists in this same genre and side by side ousted other artists in this same genre. Considering Jovi as Cameron’s rap god lies on so many aspects : Consistency, originality, supremacy in projects (EPs and ALBUMS).

Bringing up this topic, we had one main reason highlighting the fact that many artists inclined in the Hip Hop/ Rap music genres around the world have experienced recessions and as a result there has been a paradigm switch in their careers. We observe some artists tend to welcome other genres like Afro pop, RnB or try to do a mixture of all so as to stay relevant in this highly competitive music market and the Entertainment Industry.

This write up is in no way geared towards unhealthy comparisons or ignite the disgruntled person(s) we out to point out an impeccable fact, that of reverence for Jovi as rap god, his music has been adulated based on the fact of his consistency, he tactfully blends other genres like Makossa, Bikutsi but however stays on course (Rap), no drifting.

The general truth is fetching money out of the rap game as a career or profession isn’t something of just drinking water down your throat. It takes more than, and Jovi has proven beyond doubts he has what it takes.

The 21st century just recorded history of it’s first ever Billionaire in the Hip Hop / Rap genre JAY-Z It’s a matter of consistency and work non stop. It worth a fact worth mentioning for the world to know because it’s something not commonly heard of. The world understands this domain isn’t one that most people will cling to because rap usually considered as the devils language. But today with history made there’s a reason for a second thought on this aspect.

Fans of the former came out in their numbers under the name Mboko Gang, something which is rare in Cameroon Music History. Jovi is undeniably venerated out of respect not fear and that should be something to note. As song writer, producer, artist, Label Manager it’s something worth applauding. As the music industry evolves we hope to see trend setters and record many more idols.

©Fon Noel | June 10th 2019 | Prodigy’s Blog


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