I am underrated not limited just “ZOOM IN” Zeeval speaks up.

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Zeeval goes by the real name of Valentine an RnB soloist with a fuzz of disco vibes feeling in his singing style. He has that type of voice and melody that makes you go back for more. Zeeval has been steadily and consistently trying hard to make himself relevant via his arts. After doing a series of mashups and covers he has equally dropped original singles and an EP titled “UNLIMITED”.

Here the artist paints the picture of a lone ranger on the quest for recognition and validation. He believes in his arts and undeniably he is not the average type of starter or upcomer, his works speak for itself because he constantly proves in every music release he is able and capable of doing music that stands the test. The artist literary cries out because he puts in his energy, pours out his soul and connects his mind to his arts and music but however this works of passion are under looked or neglected.

Zeeval definitely is the type of artist with a comprehension of the music game, evident enough in his choice of words in lyrics, his singing style, how he brands himself , the melody emitted by the right pitch of voice on notes and a whole lot. He doubles as a graphic designer despite his talent and signing skills. He has deeped his fingers in a honey pot that seems to be giving him extra sweetness and taste in whatever he does.

•In his cover of Brown skin Girl ft @Liya he delivers ousyandingly.
•Listening to the remake Vuvuzela by @Ishaku you can’t help but notice an extra flavor.
•In his recent release titled “ZOOM IN” the artist pleads and solicits love and support in his arts. If only you could zoom in and see what he is made of you will know his on a journey of no return in doing more and being more. He possesses sure fire waiting for ignition, permitting the smoke emitted from the flames choke his fear and worry, because definitely he is underrated and not Limited. He has what it takes to do music not because it’s an arts but because it’s a passion, his part of his very essence.

This is zeeval, the soloist with the celestial voice in a mass of choir chants.

Drop your thoughts and comments after listening.

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