“It’s very very disrespectful comparing me to Fhish”: Stanley Enow Laments.

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It’s no flux the Industry has been buzzing with a supposed disrespect turned into an online wrangle, coupled up with threats, warnings, hate speech, insults, disrespect upon disrespect from two camps with opposing views and thoughts.

Following the incidence of Stanley Enow’s Album Launch on November 15th where Fhish felt disrespected by the former, being invited and ignored at LAS VEGAS VIP stands as the root problem to the suppose superficial battle.

Following a “sarcastic comparison ” a popular Cameroonian Blog 237Showbiz published soliciting opinions from fans that which they are vibing between which song “Glory” of Stanley Enow or “Holla Holla” of Fhish, the former found it as disrespectful as he reweeted on his Twitter handle

[See screenshot below]

Based on your observation and critical analysis, is time the factor paying back to Stanley Enow for his disrespect he first portrayed towards Fhish?


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  1. Nickash Munoji Reply

    “Once in a while”
    In the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale?? happy birthday to Syndy Emade?????

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