LEGACY MUSIC: A reminder of what we are and who we are!

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Vernyuy Tina sure fire waiting to be ignited has proven beyond doubts she has what it takes to produce good music, cutting across culture, unique accent and exceptional lyrics in vernacular. Side by side we have Chilli Wawaye who equally possesses same qualities all appear as daughters of the Nso Community. 

We have noticed something about this two artists, they produce music which will allow you wanting more, evidently portrayed by their style both in music and public appearances they all project that feeling of belonging to a particular tribe and cultured tradition. Through their arts you can easily trace your way back to your routes without any fear of being ousted from music world or considered extinct. The music we seek for most of 237 artists is to build and evolve on a genre peculiar to us, something that will gain global recognition as solely the master piece of Cameroon and all it’s cultures. Cameroon termed ‘Africa I miniature’ actually entails Cameroon is a subset of Africa with a piece of everything found in Cameroon, from flora to fauna, to arts, culture , tradition and many more. We have something others don’t have until we can use that as a tool for greatness we can’t have the upper hand in the music sphere we are searching for. 

Through this faces below, we can establish a solid foundation for the Music Cameroon can be proud to have created. Mokossa was/is a legendary genre that reshaped the music face of Cameroon projected on the map. Cameroon has what it takes to produce breath taking master pieces of rhythms, music, melodies ,symphonies and exceptional vernacular/mother tongue lyrics taken from any angle. 

Salatiel Sala’a is said to be releasing an album titled |`AFRICA REPRESENTED`| One among the few artist who understands the concept of doing music that leaves behind a legacy and sense of Belonging. 

We can allow footprints and remarkable landmarks on the sands of time. We are capable if we can adopt originality and creativity as a backbone to our arts. 

|Fon Noel| August 29th 2019| ©prodigysblog|


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