Meet the youngster Kim with an Angelic Voice

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Below is the face of Salah Kimberly, the first born from a home of 4 children aged 22. Growing up as a teenager she’s been a music lover and passion for singing , with her inspiring and celestial voice she’s been able to get herself some admiration by friends and well wishers.

However as young dynamic youth education stood as the backbone to her subsequent career realisation. Her professional and higher education was aided by ENSET Bambili were she obtained a degree in the department of Mechanical engineering.

Kim confesses to do music because it is a resort when words aren’t just enough. Melody soothes…the circumstances and experiences of the test of times. She’s entails transforming her talent meet passion to a subsequent lucrative business venture. Aside from the fame she promises on serving the public with breath taking master pieces that won’t all top music charts and wreck the ringing but go a long way to transform and mould lives.

As a youngster in the Entertainment Industry precisely the music sector she’s been able to face major setback which has helped build her but making the commitment to stay consistent and relevant via her creativity and originality.

Most definitely certain music is what she does and wants to cling to, its a passion turn career to sustain a livelihood.

Keep exists on social media platforms and network as…

Twitter; @salahkimmie
Instagram; @salahkimmie
Facebook; @salahkimmie/KimberlyNjung
YouTube: @SalahKimmie

She’s been able to deliver a music music piece that one must say cuts across the current plagued situation of the English zones of the nation, after she lost someone dear to her (Dad) she got inspired to produce what we term ‘Soul searching music’ titled ‘DREAM WORLD’ a typical and exceptional blend of melodies, beats and celestial voice that makes the protruding hair of your skin pores stand on ends.

For lovers of good music below is the link to ‘Dream World` grace your ears with lyrical and vocal genuine and a gem of music from a prodigy.

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|•Kim – Dreamworld

Link : https://youtu.be/KLYgr-yxYeA
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