“Mihney is my celebrity crush in the industry”; Magasco reveals!

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Magasco known under so many names Bboy, Bamenda boy, Bobe just to name a few stands as one of Cameeroon’s finest RnB musician a great deal of hit songs in the music market Nationally and Internationally.

The former artist under Empire Company now CEO of Bboy records has bagged several awards with nominations coupled with hits songs back to back has paved the way for recognition and admirition national wide and internationally.
Following an exclusive interview on October 3rd powered CRTV on the program Cameroon feeling, Magasco confessed Mihney is his celebrity crush in the Entertainment industry following one of the questions he was asked. Not based on her looks Magasco goes further to say she is fun working with, sociable ,talented and obviously hot. However before judging him with a stern look based on a flirtatious mind, be mindful of the fact that Magasco has a daughter, though he equally publicly refused to disclose his “baby mama” because as he puts it ‘I am not sure if that’s what she will want, I don’t know if she’s ready yet’ this phrase goes a long way to ignite more questions and reflections. However one thing we know is that he is secretly seeing his baby mama and probably still open in the dating Market.

Why will Magasco crush on Mihney?

Mihney first and foremost is one of Cameroon best femcee with a tight music game. She’s undeniably hot and sexually appealing with a great taste of fashion brands and style. She’s often spotted exposing portions of her stunning body practically enticing and captivating to her audience.

Mihney has equally collaborated with Magasco in a song titled “VAS Y” which is practically a love song with a burning romance sensation. This could probably be the Genesis of the sparks Magasco spotted. For now it’s superficial as it only takes seconds to crush on someone and equally few days to kill that crush. Let us know if it’s cool to take it to next level or keep it professional.


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