Profiling Renzy Sky, Who is Renzy Sky?

Get to know more about Cameroonian artist Renzy Sky
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Below is the face of Suh Rene Suh known as the artistic name Renzy Sky who hails from the Northwest Region of Cameroon, born on October 10th in Bafut. He comes from a family of 5 and life involuntarily pushed him to be an Orphan as both parents are of late.

His educational formation holds it he has a degree in Law from the University of Buea. He does music out of passion and the love for it and the love could b traced right back to his early years as a teenager lip singing songs if American artists and his constant participation in rural cultural activities.

After gaining experience via these music-related activities he sorts to writing his songs and it wasn’t until 2008 when he laid down the major foundation as a music artist but ghosted in favor of the school. In 2014 he emerged back again the music scene but couldn’t accomplish much where lack of finances was a major setback. He confessed to us his major challenge as a music artist is a finance that is sponsoring his arts while working on the creative part of making music.

Over the years he’s secured an income-generating activity that has served as a source to finance his dream turn profession. He has identified his music style as Afro-pop, Dance Hall & RnB as he is switching between genres while trying to master that which he excels in best.

After releasing the audio of his new single “Baby Oh” a few months back, Renzy Sky wishes to inform the general public that the video directed by Tecno Brain is now out in the music market and ready for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Baby Oh is a new school Afro-pop where the singer Renzy Sky appreciates the beauty and character of his woman, a danceable tune soothing to various moods.

You are just a click away for the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/NudTsMGYCEA


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