Reniss-Cameroon’s Music gem: GIVING THE QUEEN HER CROWN.

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Rennis as we know as a music figure who saw the light in North West Region probably Mankon. Evolving in her arts as an artist in the music label New Bell Music under the Patronage of Jovi has done a lot as concerns music matters in Cameroon and Africa at large. We observe she’s to an extend underrated because she operates on a music genre that people may consider slippery and unstable. 

Reniss is one of the very few Cameroon artists who have created a niche market with a unique type of music piece peculiar strictly to their master pieces. She started off her musical career inclined to gospel and along the line switched and at the same time merged Afro beats, Bikutsi and a touch of Makossa. She’s been very relevant to Cameroonian music lovers and has paved her way to global recognition subsequently backbone by concerts, shows , numerous interviews and tours.

There lies an impeccable fact most Cameroonians and about 50% of Jovi fans aren’t aware of : you can’t talk about Jovi’s successes and achievements without mentioning Rennis, they are both sides of a same coin, the latter acts as a back bone to the former as so deserves veneration accordingly.

As down to earth as she is she produces music pieces that are very not common,original and unique , Just like her mentor Jovi who stated years back of having the mission of creating a music genre that is peculiar to Cameroon in particular and Africa as a continent ‘African Hip Hop’ Reniss on her part has a mission of branding Cameroon music globally as that attached to culture , tradition and Africanism. She tactfully employs elements of culture in a cross section of her works : vernacular language , African costumes, settings , rhythms, beatings in fact she embodies her whole music pieces with a feeling of belonging to a particular race she’s proud of and envisages a long term existence.

Reniss in her consistency in delivering nothing but good music is known from tracks like ‘BASTARD’ with Jovi , ‘DANS LA SAUCE’ , ‘MANAMUH’ ‘NIGHT LIFE’ and her various appearances in projects of almost all artists who have trotted the studio of New Bell Music. We constantly have her backups and chants in most of Jovi’s songs, truth be told the Music label holds the record for best backups and Studio feeling. 

Reniss is that one queen Cameroon has to be proud to have, consistency , originality , creativity are just a few of the adjectives used to define her personality and her music on a greater scale.

To be continued…

Fon Noel | 17th June 2019 | @Prodigysblog


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