Review of ‘Brown skin girl’ remake by Zeeval ft Liya

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It’s no flux that the ‘Brown skin Girl’ track on Beyoncé‘s Lion King Album was one of the most appreciated, streamed and remixed songs since the album release.

With two or more remixes from some Cameroonian artists, this remix delivered by ZeeVal – Artiste as he features Liya on this one really caught our attention and can’t go unnoticed. This two acts who are all offsprings of Northwest have proven to be exceptional in their style of singing and performances. Few years and counting in the music game, they are already building a solid foundation for themselves and their music to be built on.

Going through the remake, you might have the notion of something ‘déjà vue’ but however gets interesting and fascinating along the line, you notice a complete mastery of both artists voices as it blends in with beats emitting sensational melodies. The accent and tones mastery demonstrates some degree of confidence as they all flow on the beats without lapses or tripping. The remake appears to be one of the best following the appreciation from fans and well wishers, looking at the video quality, the concept, video management, settings, costumes all go a long way to add bulk to it’s credibility.

This is not any type of ‘coller la petite saga’ but putting an eye on this artist arts you are obviously perceiving music that allows the soul and ears wanting more.

To be part of this exceptional experience, you are just a click away.



  1. Thanks for this we keep working hard we just getting started . Much love to everyone whose browsed passed this area

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