This could be a potential hit song, Salatiel invites Haitian zouk goddess Rutshelle Guillaume on a collaborative project to jump on a track titled GOOD GIRL which appears among the 19 tracks in his forth coming album AFRICA REPRESENTED.

I had to visit the social media handles of Rutshelle and background check just to discover she’s been on fire , her music pieces a rich discography , branding and her personality as a whole. I’m excited about this project because it represents a portion of what the Album stands for , linking two music cultures on a single track is what fans and music lovers always yearn for.

She’s like the new wave of zouk music in all its splendors I can’t wait to see what a fuss of Salatiel’s Afro soul and Afropop has to offer. The interesting thing is some Haitian blogs are picking up this announcement with so much passion which equally proves they are excited about this project hence fastening the anticipation while making the audience and possible reach bigger and wider.

For a fact I don’t doubt Salatiel’s moves in making his music consumed across national boundaries while targeting another type of audience via his production and vocal prowess. He proved this on the track VAMOS featuring @Soul Bangs where the delivery was almost Mexican with a touch of Latino effects and equally on the track COMME ÇA featuring @Daphne clearly targeted the Islamic or Muslim community with the delivery and vocal modifications of his accent. To think Haita has a traditional language they use Rutshelle guillaume delivery and accent will be just what is needed to make this piece worth listening and consuming.

It’s obvious Salatiel is a music enthusiast a very talented music craftsman who seeks to explore every corner of the picture painted by the mind’s eye and bring out the creativity. The fans of both parties as well as the artists themselves are looking forward to this project passionately, the potentials of this being a hit song is obvious as it serves varied audience and equally considering the magnitude of both fan bases put together. We keep anticipating for the full package come February 26th! Africa is truly represented.


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