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Stanley Enow an offspring from the South West Region is a Son of Bayangi land. After getting to the spot light with his debut single ‘Hein Pere’ which eventually paved the way for nation and international fame projected him to the plethora of recognition and subsequently fetched him a series of nominations , awards and deals. As often summarised as that Cameroonian artists who toured the World with a single music piece.

However over the years he has been somewhat relevant trying to produce one or few music pieces that appear childish but unique. Always on the pillar for stoning as a wack artist or a rapper turn singer. It’s a fact his very debut track was evidently a work of talent and passion , subsequently the appraisal from music lovers and fans dropped as years went by, but he has remained steadfast in the music industry because in one way or the other he knows and we all know he has been able to project Cameroon in the map.

This artist eventually understood he can’t be the best at his own genre he started so there’s an impeccable fact that we have observed a paradigm shift from his said genre ‘HIP HOP’ [Rap] to adopting other music genres like RnB, Afrobeats and others… He has tactfully used this to stay relevant to his audience in Cameroon and out of national borders. Still progressing gradually in the music game and his projects in as much as he is getting stoned on a daily his evolution and works portrays a solid mission for the Cameroon music industry first as an artist and secondly as an Entrepreneur. His flexibility makes many Cameroonians doubt if music is really his thing or he is Business man trying to fetch some income ,understanding that Music matters and showbiz could be a lucrative business venture.
Of course! 

He has been able to build for himself a name and fame that has earned him global respect as he believes in his arts and the future of Cameroon music. Understanding he is human and definitely possesses some flaws we can point out his attitude stands as a major loophole to his career as an artist. However two major things to note, Stanley Enow sees himself beyond that realm of unnecessary competition so he decides to give a deaf ear to shots been fired at him at will: Secondly he understands he is no longer a rapper and it’s clear enough to him so he blends and merges with the other music genres to produce music coupled up with his numerous collabos with other artists.

The typical mindset of a business man! If Cameroonians[Showbiz lovers] could/can only understand this then the Industry we wish to build will have a solid foundation , but if under looked then the words of mouth without actions will only be far fetched.

Fon Noel | August 16th 2019 | ©ProdigysBlog


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