16s is one of those Jovi’s tracks where he delivered all in English apart from a single line in pidgin. It still remains one of his best all rap song without a hook.

[Fully lyrics]

Call up my manager make sure it is the right amount.
I trust my accountant to put it inside the right account.
I’m busy cooking this hits I never had time to count.
Except we counting how many mic stands we will live to mount.
I already graduated, yeah! seeka say I comot school ei no mean say I be fool, it’s not about being cool or what I should or shouldn’t do I swear I had to beeak the rules. Oh Lord!

Your main problem shouldn’t be about solving mine.
You too worried about me my brother I’ll be fine
Genocide in my mind if genocide is a crime
My line be killing them aswear they shouldn′t let me rhyme
They come to New bell cause we know how to grind
I′m moving forward nobody is getting left behind
Only thing left is the public ban the music badder ban
All thing na bilang when I drop men them d change plans
Smith and Wesson with the flow but it’s full of wisdom
Busy hating you too blind to see that I′m on a mission

I never got a new act to make a good impression
I gave you answers I was the first to raise the question
Don’t wanna be the nail I rather be the hammer
And as a father wish my daughter also has brother
Keep her far away from people trying to damage her
Cause when you work that′s when they all wanna see you fall
Camp sonél Koldongo Biyem Assi Uhhhn!
A l’époque we b d njoka na for matinyol
Newbell, Deido Mabanda ohh
Mbayumemm Kohborhd mammda ohh
They recognize the voice they know it′s Jovi rapping
All that thing na only mop asueh say nothing no go happen
It’s grown men yapping about me
While they shaqing I’m laughing
Massa listen you has been we are trapping
Been in d game after a decade yo be exact
Keep it one hunnid you be na white or you be black
A just feel 2015 we own the shots
Even though we halt my numbers in stats to back the facts
When from showing I could rap to dropping African raps
I′m so present on the African map I′m so
African cool better than that is more than African swag
I’m here to show the world Africans rap ohh yeah
When our rappers sit at a the radio just to
show the envy from the studio to your stereo
Killing all these mc
I got body bags and they never empty
You shouldn’t tempt me
Zip it open see the corpse of your favorite mc
I flow slow with the hope the slow folks will get me
Freedom of speach freedom is mind for those who never met me
Instead of trying to figure out who′ll be the next
Me, ahead my time show you the future only if you let me,
My rap style is called “how to rap hit”
We made enough money to split
When the cake goes round the table and your cut is on your plate
We came from nothing so it’s normal a big smile comes to my face
I spit 16s a spit 16s yeah
Six 16s six 16s
Bars on bars I do ma thing
Bars on bars I do ma thing

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