At a time when the Cameroon movie sector or cinema is taking another turn, growing up one used to be obsessed with action films or any movie that had a superhero in it. Then on a personal experience, I could barely see Africans or black skin people playing major roles except in roles that seem always like a cliché. Over the years there has been a vast change in movie projects as we see blacks now playing major roles and  I only had this nostalgic feeling about the importance of black movies from some movies I watched as a teenager.

Kang Quintus  ‘ next project dubbed “NGANU” which I feel is an inspiration from the name or say a person of NGANNOU pushed me to paint a picture of the author’s creative direction in my mind’s eye.  This doesn’t only rest on the author’s creativity but is more of a story retold, one that highlights many African themes. Reminiscing the time when I watched Movies like KUNTA KINTE, SARAFINA, SHAKA ZULU, TIMBUKTU, HARRIETTE, PELE, and many others!

This movie surpasses the sole purpose of entertainment, the names alone are of people who stood for a just course, behind every piece is history embedded within, one that reminds people of their culture, their roots, their beliefs. One that gives a sense of purpose, hope, and lies as a backbone to the unending journey for self freedom and liberation. It’s with this expectation that I wish to see the movie NGANU takes.

As labeled in recent times and as history holds it your name is your shield, and it’s not just a name but an identity. These were some of those African movies that I develop these nostalgic feelings about every time I rewatch or come across documentaries about them because they scream AFRICA! and give its people a reason to hold onto something that will see the light someday.

If the movie scouts for or involves characters and persons that best play a role to attain its objectives then it should go in for that. The presence of popular heads such as music artists first could be seduced by the commercial appeal and the quest to heighten the influence in its marketability as well as it could be as careful selection of people who best play that role according to the script.

Like other forms of creative expressions, filmmaking embodies a form of discourse and practice which isn’t just artistic and cultural, but also intellectual and political. It is a way of defining, highlighting, and expounding  African experiences with those happenings that have molded or guided their past and that continue to guide and influence the present.

It is a product of the historical experiences of Africans, and it has direct influence and relevance to the challenges that face African societies and people of African descent in the world in the present moment and the future.

  I know in  Cameroon history embedded in movies is one that has barely commanded attention but a steadily growing number of films in recent years understand that. A good number of African films are devoted primarily to a critical engagement in the African past to contest, visioning, and re-visioning, to invoke a particular feeling, the use movies with history to reflect crises and challenges befalling the contemporary society as well as the future state based on speculations. Stories that highlight the African past have mostly been geared towards the influence of the western world and colonization.

Now, what about telling another story of Africa? A story of Africa for Africa by an African? The one that paints more of a picture of how Africans make it big beyond just the African continent without the huge western Influence. I could be wrong with my perspective but I’m hoping that is what the movie NGANU has to offer drawing inspiration from the success story of the actor Francis N’Gannou. Such narratives of heroism in ancient Africa coincide with similar moves in African historiography of the 70s which tended to focus on Western Supremacy now what about a reverse? The year’s from now we will watch the movie and this nostalgic feeling will be ignited.

Let’s keep anticipating NGANU

Let’s go inside and bring you some insights with our new rubric on celebrities, mostly music analysis, career, and discography. We commence this first chapter with Asaba Official

🔴Personal and Background information.

Mary Asombang Asaba is a Bangwa girl from Libialem Sub Division in the South West Region of Cameroon. She was born in Muea on the 7th of July 1992 and raised single-handedly by her mum. Music has always been her thing right from childhood.

While in primary and secondary school she got nicknames like Choir Mistress, Bagis, Delta State, DJ Christina, etc. because of her ability to entertain people. As she grew up, she developed herself more with inspiration from the likes of Charlotte Dipanda officiel , Whitney Houston , Adele , @Simi, Andra Day , and Asa (singer)

In 2007, she was introduced to TrackZone Records as a Gospel Artist where she met the likes of DAPHNE, MARTINO DACHRISTO, and so many others.

In 2009, DJ Subzee (owner of TrackZone Records) introduced her to M1 Studios where she got in contact with Emile Ngomba ‘’The Father of All’’, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Adelle Clarice, Myra Davida, just to name but a few. From that point on, she kept on working hard and strong from the background.

In September 2020, Asaba got signed to Starfish Entertainment. So far, she has released five (05) singles (Yele, Big Dreams, Dodokido, Dix Ans & Mon Bebe) with amazing videos. Judging from the progress, it is clear that her record label is putting inadequate resources, expertise, and guidance to see that ASABA breaks boundaries.

🔴As to that which concerns Education/Work Experience:

In 2018, Asaba earned a State Registered Nursing Diploma through BIAKA University institute Buea. After her studies, she moved to Yaoundé for a professional internship at the Yaoundé Central hospital where she served for 8months. Shortly after, she was employed in an occupational health and safety company in Limbe called NOIIA LTD.


In November 2016 she participated in a theme song for AWCON titled ‘’WE ARE CHAMPIONS’’ alongside artists like Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Daphne, Minks, and many more to support the female indomitable lionesses during the African Women’s Cup of Nation.

In the same 2016, she took part in the bright light project for Ebola titled ‘’WE DO IT FOR AFRICA’’ to pay tribute to all those who lost their lives as a result of Ebola and all those children who were left as orphans because of the deadly pandemic.

As a backup artist, her most exciting project has been ‘’PARTOUT ‘’ by Mr. Leo. It is exciting to know that after she did the backup for the song just hours later she went into labor and had her baby on July 12th, 2017.

She was the lead backup singer for the cultural festival organized by the ministry of culture at the Buea trade fair in 2015. Mary also writes songs for other artists, especially females.
She hopes to use her voice and music as a tool to help others struggling to find themselves. Asaba spends most of her free time bonding with her daughter, watching movies, and cooking. Her major preoccupation right now is to put in her best to deliver beyond the expectation of supporters and lovers of her music.

Her inspiration comes mostly from her life experiences, story, and journey through hurdles and challenges. ASABA currently resides in Douala with her family.

Link Up:
FB: Asaba Official
IG: @asaba.official
Twitter: @AsabaOfficial

Samuel Eto’o born 10 March 1981) is a Cameroonian retired professional footballer striker in his prime and career as a footballer. Eto’o was regarded by veterans and experts as one of the best strikers in the world, and he is regarded as one of the greatest African players of all time, winning the African Player of the Year a record four times: in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2010. Samuel Eto’o is equally one of or probably the most followed Cameroonian celebrity on social media with over 3million followers on IG and over 8million followers on Facebook.

The football history maker after undergoing a legendary football career “hung his booths” later in the year 2019 around the month of October. Shortly afterwards took to his social media handle to announce his enrollment in school at the Havard University one of the most prestigious Institutions in the World. He will be undergoing a professional formation in business administration. This comes at a time when he has decided to invest in Gambling under the trademark and brand name “BETO’O”.A 100% Cameroonian betting arena for Cameroonians to fetch income on luck.

It is in line with this Gambling idea, the football superstar has revealed he will be gracing the stage with a music performance on the grand launching of event with renowned Cameroonian musicians and other African artists. Below is the official flyer with details about the performance scheduled date and time, with participants.

This is just a couple of pictures to accompany the verbal assertion that Samuel Eto’o might drop some verses on stage as well. We are all waiting in high expectations to see what he has to offer on stage.