Download and Stream Ko-c ft Innoss’BQuand J’aurai l’argent(QJL). Cameroon’s serial hitmaker Ko-c certified with countless number of hit songs to his name teams up with Congolese singer Innoss’B yet another hitmaker on this piece which definitely a masterpiece titled QJL. The song is a blend of Afropop x Afro Congo as it valorizes unique dance steps. The lyrics are comic and easily memorable.

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Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/vV9IgHl0MlY

Download and stream – Ko-c ft Innoss’B – Quand J’aurai L’argent

Mp3 Download – Ko-c ft Innoss’B – Quand j’aura l’argent.

Mp3 Download – Ko-c ft Innoss’B- Quand j’aurai l’argent

Versatile Cameroonian artist Tenor known for his fire rap techniques with a sprinkle of Mbolé teams up with Congolese artist Innoss’B who represents the Afro Congo genre on a new piece titled MAMI WATA. Both artists combine their energetic and electrifying artistry to create another African masterpiece complemented with unique dance steps.

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Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/7h9Ss7H5LUA

(Mp3 Download) Tenor ft Innoss’B – Mami Wata.

(Mp3 Download) Tenor ft Innoss’B – Mami Wata