Download and stream Mimie Wolowoss. Cameroonian Afropop singer Mimie releases another mind-blowing song titled Wolowoss a pidgin slang typically to the Cameroonian community and contemporary society which means “Prostitute” in English. The song talks about her life as a successful facing backlash from naysayers who believe she’s more of an escort girl than a singer making money from her talent. You can now download and stress the song.

Download and Stream Mimie – Wolowoss mp3

Stream here: https://youtu.be/deogyTVDHHk

Download Mimie – Wolowoss Mp3

Mimie – Wolowoss Mp3

Mp3 Download Tzy Panchak – All over me. Tzy Panchak finally drops the visuals of track 9 off his album ALL OVER ME following the audio which was released exclusively on boomplay Music. This piece is one of the love songs that complements his album LOVE and WAR set to be released on the 6th of July.

You are just a click away from the full video experience and are now available on YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗:https://youtu.be/-leF_mcp6dA

Mp3 Download Tzy Panchak – All over me.

Tzy Panchak – All over me mp3

Mp3 Download Tebid Fidel – Why today a fast-rising Cameroonian Afro pop singer and songwriter. His new single titled Why Today is a regret song that evokes pathos as the artist payments over a loss of a loved one. The lyrics narrate the emptiness of life and long life that isn’t even guaranteed so show love now and why you can so you don’t leave in regrets. The video quality is good and blends with the storyline which will keep every viewer glued to the screens to watch how it unfolds and ends. For the full video experience, the song is available on YouTube.

link 🔗: https://youtu.be/taR7DWgYv50

Mp3 Download Tebid Fidel – Why Today [Here]

Tebid Fidel – Why Today mp3

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft CrownzFire, Two of Cameroon’s new wave rappers AsapKid x Crownz and the next generation of vibrant artists combine their energies on this piece titled FIRE. Just like the title the song is lit the vocals, delivery, flow, and video quality + concept are all on point. It’s worth your time as you are just a click away from your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/_BzaQFdYsAw

Download and stream a AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire.

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire

Mp3 Download Bruce BreezyTaking over. Bruce BreeZy Official comes through with a new single titled TAKING OVER which he claims is the most expensive music video in Cameroon at the moment. For an artist who has been all about delivering good music, he’s raised the bar high by pulling a few strings to up his game in terms of the quality of his arts and music. He’s actually on the path of taking over musically with new and unique concepts.

You are a click away from your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/ANfaMCZK2IA

Download and Stream Bruce Breezy – Taking Over.

Mp3 Download Bruce Breezy- Taking Over.

Mp3 Download Bruce Breezy – Taking over

Download and Stream Ko-c ft Innoss’BQuand J’aurai l’argent(QJL). Cameroon’s serial hitmaker Ko-c certified with countless number of hit songs to his name teams up with Congolese singer Innoss’B yet another hitmaker on this piece which definitely a masterpiece titled QJL. The song is a blend of Afropop x Afro Congo as it valorizes unique dance steps. The lyrics are comic and easily memorable.

You are just a click away for the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/vV9IgHl0MlY

Download and stream – Ko-c ft Innoss’B – Quand J’aurai L’argent

Mp3 Download – Ko-c ft Innoss’B – Quand j’aura l’argent.

Mp3 Download – Ko-c ft Innoss’B- Quand j’aurai l’argent

Download and stream Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta PUT POWER latest video track making rounds at the moment. Set a Beatz and old broom in the industry teams up once again with the mayor of punch line district lyrical Njorku to give you good music. It rests on the theme of steadfastness and hope for every hustler out there.

You are just a click away for the full video streaming and download.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/k-1RPSA0pDU

Download and Stream Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta – Put Power

(Mp3 Download) Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta- Put power.

Mp3 Download Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta – Put power

Vivid Smith teams up with Ko-c to give a very refreshing jam in BOGOLO. It’s a danceable tune that favors outdoor consumption and serves the purpose of leisure and fun. It paints a picture of the contemporary society typical of Cameroon’s merrymaking and festivity.

You are just a click away from the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/OYV29bnWM_4

(Download and stream) Bogolo – Vivid ft Ko-c

(Mp3 Download) Vivid ft Ko-c – Bogolo.

Mp3 Download – Bogolo – Vivid ft Ko-c

Let’s go inside and bring you some insights with our new rubric on celebrities, mostly music analysis, career, and discography. We commence this first chapter with Asaba Official

🔴Personal and Background information.

Mary Asombang Asaba is a Bangwa girl from Libialem Sub Division in the South West Region of Cameroon. She was born in Muea on the 7th of July 1992 and raised single-handedly by her mum. Music has always been her thing right from childhood.

While in primary and secondary school she got nicknames like Choir Mistress, Bagis, Delta State, DJ Christina, etc. because of her ability to entertain people. As she grew up, she developed herself more with inspiration from the likes of Charlotte Dipanda officiel , Whitney Houston , Adele , @Simi, Andra Day , and Asa (singer)

In 2007, she was introduced to TrackZone Records as a Gospel Artist where she met the likes of DAPHNE, MARTINO DACHRISTO, and so many others.

In 2009, DJ Subzee (owner of TrackZone Records) introduced her to M1 Studios where she got in contact with Emile Ngomba ‘’The Father of All’’, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Adelle Clarice, Myra Davida, just to name but a few. From that point on, she kept on working hard and strong from the background.

In September 2020, Asaba got signed to Starfish Entertainment. So far, she has released five (05) singles (Yele, Big Dreams, Dodokido, Dix Ans & Mon Bebe) with amazing videos. Judging from the progress, it is clear that her record label is putting inadequate resources, expertise, and guidance to see that ASABA breaks boundaries.

🔴As to that which concerns Education/Work Experience:

In 2018, Asaba earned a State Registered Nursing Diploma through BIAKA University institute Buea. After her studies, she moved to Yaoundé for a professional internship at the Yaoundé Central hospital where she served for 8months. Shortly after, she was employed in an occupational health and safety company in Limbe called NOIIA LTD.


In November 2016 she participated in a theme song for AWCON titled ‘’WE ARE CHAMPIONS’’ alongside artists like Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Daphne, Minks, and many more to support the female indomitable lionesses during the African Women’s Cup of Nation.

In the same 2016, she took part in the bright light project for Ebola titled ‘’WE DO IT FOR AFRICA’’ to pay tribute to all those who lost their lives as a result of Ebola and all those children who were left as orphans because of the deadly pandemic.

As a backup artist, her most exciting project has been ‘’PARTOUT ‘’ by Mr. Leo. It is exciting to know that after she did the backup for the song just hours later she went into labor and had her baby on July 12th, 2017.

She was the lead backup singer for the cultural festival organized by the ministry of culture at the Buea trade fair in 2015. Mary also writes songs for other artists, especially females.
She hopes to use her voice and music as a tool to help others struggling to find themselves. Asaba spends most of her free time bonding with her daughter, watching movies, and cooking. Her major preoccupation right now is to put in her best to deliver beyond the expectation of supporters and lovers of her music.

Her inspiration comes mostly from her life experiences, story, and journey through hurdles and challenges. ASABA currently resides in Douala with her family.

Link Up:
FB: Asaba Official
IG: @asaba.official
Twitter: @AsabaOfficial