Askia as we know is one of those very vibrant Cameroonian rapper artist who saw the light in the South West Region. She’s had several releases since she commenced her music career and could however squeeze her way into the spot light after a hike of hard work and enthusiasm. Over the years she’s been the type of ‘hustle hard’ artist who believes in her arts and envisages a very progressive growth: evidently seen in her collaborations with other artists, featuring, awards, nominations petite shows and concerts. A retrospect to few years back we could classify her as on of those Cameronian artist who have made a name and some fame without a record label generally termed as studio prostitutes. 

Now on the same course, a prolepsis [flash forward] to her music and arts of the 21st Century we could observe a contrast in style and quality. Being the only female artist in the music label Alpha Better Records under the patronage of Salatiel she was able to deliver a couple of singles and featured in group collabos making her gain national recognition and appreciation. We could confidently say she found a home as vivid as it could be it was just a flux. Rumours sprung up later on confirmed by the ultimate ostracizing of her as person not arts from the Alpha Better Records’ Kitchen. She was facing what we could term a regression, the second phase of her music career which was beginning to be interesting to both herself and fans were shattered. 

Shattered? Oh! The rumours of her delinquency in music matters, lack of professionalism, and a great deal of online wrangles with cos and friends became so rampant we could superficially observe her music career being flushed down the drain, battling with personal issues there was no way that could fit in the music world, we observe to a lesser degree a paradigm shift from her focus of ‘rap’ to a touch of ‘afrobeats’ which was earth the same day of it’s birth.

Moment of truth: Askia acknowledges her flaws and weaknesses, she rekindles the enthusiasm she once possessed for her arts. The ultimate come back was more shocking than surprising one can be tempted to say “shockingly_surprising”. We see a new Askia the one that is humble, the one that is focus, the one that brings out the best in her to make out the best in life. She simultaneously introduces music projects the BAG SERIES something of “de jamiais vue” as far as music matters in Cameroon is concerned. She gets a couple of artists to feature in it, the idea welcomed with great appreciation. Her project envisaged the featuring of other Cameroonian . At that moment she understood her music career once more was on a progression, experiencing a new phase, today Askia is married to yet another artist in the Industry, she’s an expectant mother but still remains steadfast about her music goals. We now see an Askia who is out there trying to build the industry by supporting young talents, pointing out loopholes of the Entertainment Industry and providing possible solutions. 

The curse was just a blessing in disguise, she converted her stumbling blocks into stepping stones. This is the new Askia, this is Mami Bakala.