Who is Benzolo?

Benzolo is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter who hails from the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The Bamenda artist defined his creative decision and artistic direction inclined to Makossa a legendary and the most exported music genre in Cameroon.

He confessed to having drawn his inspiration musically from the legendary Cameroonian singer Prince Ndedi Eyango who has consistently served the Cameroon entertainment industry with nothing but folk music predominately makossa.

History holds it his academic formation records a Bachelors degree in Communication apart from the fact he couldn’t foster his education based on financial constraints and lack of funds from the family he sorts to use music as a gateway which was a passion tend profession.

His love for music dates back to yesteryear and only materializes now with his debut track dubbed KONGOSA which is heavily influenced by Makossa and cuts across highlife music.

The artist is currently signed to Umojami Records which is also powers Umaji Pulse
which makes it possible to use social media as a creative tool aimed at empowering and developing African creative mindset and communities. Imagination is everything creative.
Link đź”—: https://youtu.be/8IcR4yLYefc

The song is now available for your viewing and listening pleasure on YouTube. You are just a click away for the full video experience.

Link đź”—: https://youtu.be/nSZ04i_ivV4

You can also follow his social media handles.
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Profiling Cameroonian Nakossa artist Benzolo