Download and Stream La Clé by Cameroonian Ace producer, songwriter and singer PhillBill. The song is a product of the newly created Cameroonian sound known as AfroBikossa which is a fuss of Bikutsi and Makossa with other African contemporary rhythms. This is official his first single as a solo artist.

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Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/mRX0es1gheI

Download and Stream PhillBill – La Clé

(Mp3 Download) PhillBill – La Clé

(Mp3 Download) PhillBill – La Clé
Cover photo GWANA EP by Phido

Everyone can do music but not everyone can do music that speaks to your inner ears. A true songwriter is not known for the so many songs he’s written and recorded but for the songs that have directly impacted lives and touched souls, especially via the intentionality of their lyrics.

PHIDO is a young promising Cameroonian singer, songwriter, and slam poet who has been around the music scene for a while a couple of songs to show for it, and conscious slam poetic videos. While on a steady rise in perfecting his arts and refining his lyrical and oratory prowess he drops yet another project dubbed GWANA – An Ep made up of 09 tracks. Phido has understood the type of music he does and a creative direction that doesn’t follow the bandwagon as he is branding his arts as Conscious Afro soul and  Folk and alt-rock music.

It’s a body of work that cuts across consciousness and intentional living as it narrates stories, experiences, and circumstances which are the realities that inspired this project. He goes deeper right to the depth of the music banks to bring out that spiritual connotation that seduces the emotions of every listener.


An Afrobeat and Afro Jazz mélange vibe progresses on a fast tempo influenced by bass saxophones enabling a  smooth transition as it delves into the bottle dance folkloric rhythm typical of the Grassfield region. The entire song gives the room music feeling which prioritizes consumption in clubs or enclosed spaces. The singer makes use of pidgin English and English language apt usage of common slang as the track is dedicated to himself to throw more light on his music essence and style.

Link : https://www.boomplaymusic.com/share/music/90912698?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=ANDROID

GWANA (Intro)

“Gwana” as defined by Google stipulates someone who is a natural leader, independent and individualistic, an extremely ambitious person, original, and courageous who employs new and unproven methods. An explorer and an innovator who believes in an openness  self-reliant, confidence, and energetic.”

A piece which  serves as a prelude to what the project represents, painting a vivid but clear picture of the artist’s trajectory, the history, the present, and what the future holds acknowledging what lies within as talent is enough to conquer the world and upholding peace and harmony as a mantle in all spheres of life.

Link : https://www.boomplaymusic.com/share/music/90912697?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=ANDROID


Recounts several hurts through memories that resurface every time to pierce deep. What doesn’t kill you makes you strong we say but it explains the reality of Karma that will catch up on everyone and anyone causing another hurt. It progresses on a slower tempo with a quick succession of verses accompanied by African drums, and twangy guitar notes. It highlights the concept that sometimes the healing process hurts more than the wound.

Link :



Generation Z, also called Gen Z, is the generational cohort following millennials, born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. The artist goes deeper here with a more spiritual connotation with a heavy influence of African chants and humming buried and synchronized in the instrumentation. On a softer melody enabled by bass piano, the artist highlights several factors and realities that plague the contemporary society of a Gen Z youth. A theme unites a song that predominantly conveys the messages of hope and steadfastness.

Link :



Makes use of storytelling reminiscing the time of the youth as he takes us to the yesteryears, a piece that bolds the theme of hope, a success story that constantly serves as a motivation – from grass to grace. It has elements of live music as it makes use of the more familiar live instruments and scenarios. Its free-flowing instrumentation makes the pitch stable and harmoniously flowing from start to end.

Link : https://www.boomplaymusic.com/share/music/90908138?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=ANDROID


The level-headedness and confidence on this particular piece are on a different level, energetic, livelier, and free-spirited song heavily influenced by the South African Amapiano instrumentation with a mélange of Afro-Jazz. The dulcet voice of Makossa artist AWU Acapero makes the song have more meaning, has a vibe, and is a danceable tune you won’t forget in a hurry because of its catchy hook.

Link : https://www.boomplaymusic.com/share/music/90908139?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=ANDROID


Every song on this project could be summarized in a single phrase “The light at the end of the tunnel” is how you can define this. Conscious of the fact that there’s life after death and until you die before you truly live. Live life now to the fullest for a tomorrow isn’t even guaranteed. The African chants ggivegoosebumps effects that connect the listeners every step of the way to messages relayed.

Link : https://www.boomplaymusic.com/share/music/90908140?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=ANDROID


Another song  deeply routed with spirituality as it embodies consciousness, illumination, enlightenment, and self-awareness for a positive change. It drifts away from the common Afro soulful style to a more Folk alternative rock vibe. There’s a deep connection with the soul with lyrics that pierce deep to the heart and mind. The major instruments here are bass guitar and drums.

Link :



This piece is deeper inspired by a note to oneself, self reflection and self-realization about the greatness buried within. The artist projects his versatility as he effortlessly delivers some very hard rap verses to show off both his lyrical and vocal prowess on a more solemn epic type of beats fussed with heavy HipHop beats.

Link : https://www.boomplaymusic.com/share/music/90908141?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=ANDROID

It’s amazing to see young artists putting out work here with a mature sense of music and well-defined artistic creation direction.

Powwa Festival Logo

The 15th of January 2022 marked the first official step of the POWWA FEST UK a 100% Cameroonian festival by Cameroonians for Cameroonians which has undergone a planning phase of 2years and a 6 months presentation. By “Festival” it incorporates Culture, mode, fashion, cinema, art.

It is an annual platform dedicated to promoting the culture of Cameroon to a wider international audience. It strives to promote the diversity of Cameroon’s culture through music, film, and art. POWWA is a co-production between concert and festival promoters with years id experience in delivering art and music events around the world.

A group is of vibrant Cameroonians “proud of who we are” come together with the of promoting the Cameroonian culture at a global scale via valorization and subsequent exportation. This was triggered by the fact Cameroonian arts and culture in their entirety are practically hIi in the international scene.

Why Powwa?

Now the birth of Powwa came as a result of answering this specific question of What Cameroon is doing or what role are they also playing on a global scale and what strategies do they intend to use for penetration.

It’s the first festival dedicated to putting Cameroonian art and music first while exporting Cameroonian culture and heritage. Each Year POWWA Festival will invite creatives from all over Cameroon and the rest of the world. A performance platform to showcase Cameroonian A-list and upcoming talents, of all arts and musical genres, to a wider global audience will be provided. The festival aims to be the best resource platform for Cameroonian creatives to break the international barriers and infiltrate the mature global market of African Art and music.

The first edition of the POWAA Festival will feature artists [Solo and groups] bands, and performers to join thousands of music fans in 2  of the UK’s biggest cities London and Birmingham in the summer of June 2022.

Why do we talk about a Cameroon that once had its grandeur via the exportation of soul Makossa which was a phenomenal genre across Africa and the world is seen through its impact in sampling by other music acts? Why is it only left to us as a passing glory?

Now Powwa Festival is here to instill the spirit of collaborations and sponsorships. It serves as a platform to federate and network with those who matter, and when referring to the platform it’s imperative to note that it’s registered in the UK and back in Cameroon under the Ministry of Arts and Culture and collaborations with other countries like Australia while equally extending to other European Countries.

Who is involved in the process?

As mentioned in the preceding paragraphs it’s a 100% Cameroonian initiative and to be part of the chain the number one criteria is that you are a born Cameroonian or by  Nationality and this involves everyone and anyone doing arts: it cuts across music, media, Cameramen and more.

For that which involves the second phase that is the selection and structuring: a confirmation will be done in due course as the main objective of the presser is for sensitization mostly, how to work, who to work, and opportunities at disposal.

How is this different from a Show?  What makes it a Festival?

It involves everything arts not limited strictly to music, and entertainers or people involved in the process are not coming to perform and get paid, they are coming to promote arts, and the main reason behind lies in the federation. Performing in front of Cameroonians for Cameroon by Cameroonians.

How do you plan on Collaborating and creating opportunities? [Mature market]

Looking at the amount of content, streams generally the numbers play a great role now in
African music under the canopy Afrobeat the goal is to bring under this universe regardless of genre, working in synergy to attend the goal of introducing arts in an already existing mature market through blending or copying and modifying.

Now why are other genres from Africa grouped as AFROBEATS? Does it seek to understand if our music is appreciated?

It is appreciated by people of the first generation, there’s a bigger market out of that and that’s the younger generation who can stream music. [A massive market opportunity]

Internet penetration and subscription is a problem too, taking to a more mature project.
All the artists need to federate together it’s not about one artist and a genre it’s a combination of us coming together and valorizing the music.

How do we go about prioritizing and giving Cameroonian artists that relevance same as other artists with bigger influence.

Now in this part it’s important to know visibility is key and it’s different from entitlement, Cameroonians expect more because they feel it’s a Cameroon thing but that’s not the case here, so the goal is to work in unison and a federation to valorize and export arts in all its form this will be enhanced or facilitated especially by the media, the role of the media and the arts are the same, the media is there to mirror the arts and that’s why the presser understood this mechanism and involved the media in the process.

Media exchange question and answers

As of now, the Festival is still open fo partnership and collaborations.

There we very important media heads and key persons like Ahmed Baron of Blu Nation, Mr. Pride of Team Powwa, Biradzem Benoit Yuven of The HotJem | Pureyuvenity Blog, Fon Noel of Prodigys’s Blog Ndicho Boris of E KWAT tv, Randy Kimbi of KIMBI BLOG, Ages Brian of Muzikol, Donald Woods of @Hypehouse and many other media heads

Media heads in Cameroon showbiz.