Download and Stream Vernyuy Tina ft Ben Decca, Na som mp3 a song which rests on afrosoul and makossa vibes. Na Som means “Thank You” and the lyrics are served in pidgin, English, French, Duala, and Lamnso languages with the entire universe wrapped in “AfroNjang”. It was produced by Dijay Cliff and the video was directed by Nkoully Bally. You can now download and stream the song.

Download and Stream Vernyuy Tina ft Ben Decca – Na Som mp3

[Mp3 Download] Vernyuy Tina ft Ben Decca – Na Som mp3 [Here]

Vernyuy Tina ft Ben Decca – Na Som Mp3

Download and Stream Mr. Leo Omale mp3. Mr. Leo releases a new song dubbed OMALE which rests on themes of Dreams and hard work. He unlocks a new realm of Folk Music that anchors on African spirituality as he delivers the lyrics predominantly in the lamnso vernacular. The Lionn’s Productions is on a mission of creating meaningful and impactful music with cultural attachments and Africanism. The song was produced by CFX and the video concept was realized by Nkeng Stephens of CPE. You are just a click to download and stream.

Download and Stream Mr Leo – Omale mp3

[Mp3 Download ] Mr Leo – Omale [Here!]

Mr Leo – Omale Mp3

Download and stream Mimie Wolowoss. Cameroonian Afropop singer Mimie releases another mind-blowing song titled Wolowoss a pidgin slang typically to the Cameroonian community and contemporary society which means “Prostitute” in English. The song talks about her life as a successful facing backlash from naysayers who believe she’s more of an escort girl than a singer making money from her talent. You can now download and stress the song.

Download and Stream Mimie – Wolowoss mp3

Stream here: https://youtu.be/deogyTVDHHk

Download Mimie – Wolowoss Mp3

Mimie – Wolowoss Mp3

Sometimes it’s hard being a music artist to choose between a career that has a song that hits globally, having viral songs, being a mainstream artist, or being a progressive or underground artist whose oeuvres remain timeless.

Many artists will wish to have a global hit and be labeled “one-hit wonders” and at other times there are artists who will want to drop songs that go mainstream and after some time disappear while other’s artistry and artistic direction are more mature by the creation of timeless arts to be consumed by generations to come. The last set of people are not pressured into following trends or adapting to the music taste buds of a particular set of people and listeners, they have a well-defined trajectory.

It’s even difficult to please music listeners in recent times because the greater majority make up Generation Z – Gen Z. There’s a certain attachment to the music of the yesteryears of the 90s and nostalgia in consuming old-timers.
That’s why many creatives are sampling everything from fashion and most especially music with modern music trends that agree with an audience. There’s a resurgence of what was consumed by the aging population and TikTok is a great platform where these trends have been going viral and resurfacing old-timers.

For an artist who has created a major hit song, most of the time the tendency is that all the songs that immediately follow after that have a similar vibe or are wired in the same direction. Then you realize a few releases after that you’re in a trap to create another hit song that might be a futile effort.

One-hit wonders usually experience a quick recession in their careers as they experience a decrease in popularity after the hit listing and might never return to the hit listing with other songs or projects throughout their entire music career. However, there are exceptions, some music artist release seasonal viral songs after several years to complement the years of not topping the music radar. Franko is a succinct case study of this musical universe.

It’s important to know that an artist’s signature song is quite different from a one-hit wonder, the signature song is the one song (or, in some cases, one of a few songs) that a popular and well-established recording artist is most closely identified with or best known for. This is generally differentiated from a one-hit wonder in that the artist usually has had success with other songs as well, so it’s like a top-of-mind song, the first song that pops up in your mind when you hear the artist’s name.

Many artists do music and the entire time achieve a signature song without any major hit song, other times some artists oeuvres constantly hit the landmark of mainstream contemporary music which equally go viral.

Ko-c has been labeled a serial hit maker, he’s definitely at the crossroads between doing timeless arts and going just for hit songs. He started his career as a rapper soi-disant “Cameroon’s fastest” and “President of rap Republik” today he’s caught up in the web of switching on different types of sounds and you can’t quite place your finger on the right button that defines his arts. There’s constantly a paradigm shift between Mbolé, Bikutsi, Amapiano, Afrobeat, and a mélange of many other sounds. He’s the kind of artist who will do anything for a hit song, even if it means jumping on trending sounds and rip-offs of other artists’ works. Well, it works for some artists and they’re knocking themselves out! You have to constantly be working the moment you get cold, people easily forget you and move on, and this type of song dies in a short while, except the goal is to be cashing out from the gigs and streams.

It’s tricky being a music artist especially if you don’t know what you believe in you might get trapped in wither universes.

Charlotte Dipanda is more of the timeless arts type of artist, not wired into seducing music listeners by jumping on every vibe, many artists in this universe end up as underground artists or do underground music. Underground music is music with practices perceived as outside, or somehow opposed to, mainstream popular music culture. Underground music is intimately tied to popular music culture as a whole, so there are important tensions within underground music because it appears to both assimilate and resist the forms and processes of popular music culture.

In linking the other music styles it’s not seduced by the commercial appeal it’s creation is an expression of sincerity, intimacy, and freedom of creativity in opposition to those practices deemed formulaic or commercially driven. However, it’s difficult to completely define it as underground music in recent times because even that style has gone mainstream via music digitalization and streaming platforms.

Will you like a Franko with “Coller la petite” [one-hit wonder], A Ko-c with hit songs, or a Charlotte Dipanda with a timeless discography?
Well if you ask me every artist’s art is important and necessary for a myriad of music listeners globally, backbone by their varied purposes and objectives for doing music. There’s always an audience for every type of song, but it’s the wish for every recording artist to be remembered and for a fact, only some particular music styles can make you achieve this.

Mp3 Download Tzy Panchak – All over me. Tzy Panchak finally drops the visuals of track 9 off his album ALL OVER ME following the audio which was released exclusively on boomplay Music. This piece is one of the love songs that complements his album LOVE and WAR set to be released on the 6th of July.

You are just a click away from the full video experience and are now available on YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗:https://youtu.be/-leF_mcp6dA

Mp3 Download Tzy Panchak – All over me.

Tzy Panchak – All over me mp3

Download and stream Mink’sÇa te prend souvent. Mink’s Cameroonian storytelling rapper slightly drifts to a more danceable and melodious tune in his new song titled Ça te prend souvent which has elements of Mbolé, bikutsi, and folk music with the heavy influence of indigenous instrumentation and traditional dance steps. The hook is catchy and viby with a very relatable message.

You are just a click away from the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/frYyKR4obX0

Download and Stream Mink’s – Ça te prend souvent.

Mp3 Download – Mink’s – Ça te prend souvent

Mp3 Download – Mink’s – Ça te prend souvent

Download and stream Fici KhreezWin my heart a love song exceptionally delivered by a young lover Fici. The song happens to be one of the most viral songs in English Speaking Cameroon received with wide admiration. It progresses on a simple but enticing instrumentation a product of SlimBeatz production prowess. Win my heart was warmly received by music lovers and showbiz enthusiasts because of the mind-blowing melodies, a very catchy hook, and intentional lyrics. It first hit the streets in 2015 with little or no promotion and was absent on digital streaming platforms and online music stores. Today June 9th will be dated in Cameroon music history as the day fans and lovers of this masterpiece revitalized the sound and made it appear on YouTube officially.

You are just a click away from streaming and downloading the full audio track.

Link 🔗:https://youtu.be/JMLuPNUteHwhttps://youtu.be/JMLuPNUteHw

Download and Stream Fici Khreez- Win my heart

(Mp3 Download ) Fici Khreez – Win my heart

(Mp3 Download) Fici Khreez – Win my heart

Download and stream Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta PUT POWER latest video track making rounds at the moment. Set a Beatz and old broom in the industry teams up once again with the mayor of punch line district lyrical Njorku to give you good music. It rests on the theme of steadfastness and hope for every hustler out there.

You are just a click away for the full video streaming and download.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/k-1RPSA0pDU

Download and Stream Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta – Put Power

(Mp3 Download) Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta- Put power.

Mp3 Download Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta – Put power

Vivid Smith teams up with Ko-c to give a very refreshing jam in BOGOLO. It’s a danceable tune that favors outdoor consumption and serves the purpose of leisure and fun. It paints a picture of the contemporary society typical of Cameroon’s merrymaking and festivity.

You are just a click away from the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/OYV29bnWM_4

(Download and stream) Bogolo – Vivid ft Ko-c

(Mp3 Download) Vivid ft Ko-c – Bogolo.

Mp3 Download – Bogolo – Vivid ft Ko-c

NiCeofficial237 invites DRIZZ on his new track titled LOW KEY. It’s all about the code in surviving the streets, getting money, and acting broke, it saves you from a lot of trouble. Both rappers combine their energies on this one.

You are just a click away from your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/f_hVHlAVy80

(Mp3 Download) NiCe ft Drizz – Low Key

(Mp3 Download) NiCe ft Drizz – Low Key