Download and stream Raizy – Bread Mp3. New school artist Raizy who makes up the new wave of Afrobeats finally releases the video of BREAD [Musango] A song that depicts fighting for survival and looking for daily bread. The video was realized by Esimo, quality of display and story all in perfect harmony.

Download and Stream Raizy – Bread mp3

Stream [VIDEO] Here: https://youtu.be/1mKl1ijmZ_A

Download Raizy – Bread Mp3 [Here]

Download and Stream Krys M “Qui croira verra” which means “he who believes, will see”. The song is heavily influenced by the Indigenous folk rhythm of “Benskin” a sound peculiar to Cameroon’s contemporary society typically of the Bamileke people. Krys M has found her niche and is going in hard to milk out every drop of hit songs she could produce. The video was directed by the videography prowess of Chuzih and produced by TeddyBeatz. You can now download and stream.

Download and Stream Krys M – Qui croira Verra mp3

Mp3 Download Krys M – Qui Croira Verra [Here!]

Krys M – Qui Croira Verra

Download and Stream Elisha K ft Rinyu “Love Me”. Akumba music artists team up on the new school Afrobeats vibe song anchored on love and romance. Elisha K is the newly signed male voice of the label with quite an enticing voice. The songs are rich in lyrics and melodies and give the eargasmic feeling. You can now Download and Stream.

Download and Stream Elisha K ft Rinyu – Love Me Mp3

[Mp3 Download] Elisha K ft Rinyu – Love Me [Here]

Elisha K ft Rinyu – Love Me Mp3

Download and stream Kameni’s latest track Back to Sender a song which narrates her story from grass to grace, counting her successes and shaming her haters. Kameni drifts from the ordinary dancehall vibes she delivers to something more appealing and wavy. Back to the sender is a piece to encourage every hustler facing stiff resistance from naysayers and roadblocks from people. You can now download and stream Back to Sender Mp3 and Mp4

Download and Stream Kameni – Back to Sender mp3

[Mp3 Download] Kameni – Back to Sender. [Here]

Kameni – Back to Sender mp3

Diaspora base independent artist Weiser announces the release of his Ep titled Joy & Pain. WEISER whose real name is Ngwa Bruce Armel was born in Bamenda ( bambili ) on 12th Dec. He is a singer and he started his music career in 2002. Inspired by his elder brother Yimtchi Narcisse who was always singing and interpreting songs with him. He went to College Classique of Bonaberie a plumber by profession. He finally moved to Germany where he resides now. He lives in Germany precisely in Baden-Württemberg.

His first time in studio was in 2003 when He wrote his first single titled( fou de toi and you’r the one 4 me ) which was on tape record and is no more relevant. Music has always been his soul comforter even though he had to take a long break because of too much responsibility but he is not relenting his efforts to move ahead of his dream.

This is the reason why he presents his 9 track Project titled JOY & PAIN. A blend and mixture of both sides of the coin ie expressing emotions of Love, care, comfort and pain. Two great producers from Cameroon worked on the project.

LLink 🔗: https://audiomack.com/weiser-3/album/joypain

Mp3 Download Tebid Fidel – Why today a fast-rising Cameroonian Afro pop singer and songwriter. His new single titled Why Today is a regret song that evokes pathos as the artist payments over a loss of a loved one. The lyrics narrate the emptiness of life and long life that isn’t even guaranteed so show love now and why you can so you don’t leave in regrets. The video quality is good and blends with the storyline which will keep every viewer glued to the screens to watch how it unfolds and ends. For the full video experience, the song is available on YouTube.

link 🔗: https://youtu.be/taR7DWgYv50

Mp3 Download Tebid Fidel – Why Today [Here]

Tebid Fidel – Why Today mp3

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft CrownzFire, Two of Cameroon’s new wave rappers AsapKid x Crownz and the next generation of vibrant artists combine their energies on this piece titled FIRE. Just like the title the song is lit the vocals, delivery, flow, and video quality + concept are all on point. It’s worth your time as you are just a click away from your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/_BzaQFdYsAw

Download and stream a AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire.

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire

Download and stream TenorZero. Cameroon’s fastest rapper, tongue twister, and fire rap artist Tenor who had quite drifted away from dropping bars redefines his versatility as a rapper on this new piece titled ZERO. The song has elements of a diss as he addresses certain overlooked ills of the music industry and activities of the contemporary society of a typical Cameroon community. Once again he exercises his lyrical prowess in not only his flow and rap style but in the energetic delivery.

You are just a click away from the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/7isp4Lfc4DU

Download and stream – Tenor – Zero mp3

Mp3 Download – Tenor – Zero

Mp3 Download Tenor- Zero mp3

Download and stream Ful ft LockoEntre Nous. Two of Cameroon’s finest urban vocalists FUL and LOCKO team up on a new piece titled ENTRE NOUS. It’s about time we had this collaboration to spark up a new feeling of French RnB [Rhythm and Blues] and Afro Pop from Cameroon. The melodies and the vocal strengths are just on point to becoming a viral TikTok song especially as it seduces the taste buds of mostly the ladies. They are the ladies’ choice and that’s a plus to the commercial appeal of the genre of music they evolve.

Besides creating exquisite music albums Locko has been famous for having the most electrical, energetic, stunning, and full of passion performances experiencing him perform live will be a complete pleasure to your inner ears. Ful as well is full of potential he’s still bracing up to bringing out the best in him musically with excellent vocals.

You can stream ENTRE NOUS here
Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/sd2Hw4SM1EI

Download and Stream – Ful ft Locko – Entre Nous

Mp3 Download – Ful ft Locko – Entre Nous.

Mp3 Download Ful ft Locko – Entre Nous

Download and Stream Ko-c ft Innoss’BQuand J’aurai l’argent(QJL). Cameroon’s serial hitmaker Ko-c certified with countless number of hit songs to his name teams up with Congolese singer Innoss’B yet another hitmaker on this piece which definitely a masterpiece titled QJL. The song is a blend of Afropop x Afro Congo as it valorizes unique dance steps. The lyrics are comic and easily memorable.

You are just a click away for the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/vV9IgHl0MlY

Download and stream – Ko-c ft Innoss’B – Quand J’aurai L’argent

Mp3 Download – Ko-c ft Innoss’B – Quand j’aura l’argent.

Mp3 Download – Ko-c ft Innoss’B- Quand j’aurai l’argent