Diaspora base independent artist Weiser announces the release of his Ep titled Joy & Pain. WEISER whose real name is Ngwa Bruce Armel was born in Bamenda ( bambili ) on 12th Dec. He is a singer and he started his music career in 2002. Inspired by his elder brother Yimtchi Narcisse who was always singing and interpreting songs with him. He went to College Classique of Bonaberie a plumber by profession. He finally moved to Germany where he resides now. He lives in Germany precisely in Baden-Württemberg.

His first time in studio was in 2003 when He wrote his first single titled( fou de toi and you’r the one 4 me ) which was on tape record and is no more relevant. Music has always been his soul comforter even though he had to take a long break because of too much responsibility but he is not relenting his efforts to move ahead of his dream.

This is the reason why he presents his 9 track Project titled JOY & PAIN. A blend and mixture of both sides of the coin ie expressing emotions of Love, care, comfort and pain. Two great producers from Cameroon worked on the project.

LLink 🔗: https://audiomack.com/weiser-3/album/joypain

Mp3 Download Tebid Fidel – Why today a fast-rising Cameroonian Afro pop singer and songwriter. His new single titled Why Today is a regret song that evokes pathos as the artist payments over a loss of a loved one. The lyrics narrate the emptiness of life and long life that isn’t even guaranteed so show love now and why you can so you don’t leave in regrets. The video quality is good and blends with the storyline which will keep every viewer glued to the screens to watch how it unfolds and ends. For the full video experience, the song is available on YouTube.

link 🔗: https://youtu.be/taR7DWgYv50

Mp3 Download Tebid Fidel – Why Today [Here]

Tebid Fidel – Why Today mp3

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft CrownzFire, Two of Cameroon’s new wave rappers AsapKid x Crownz and the next generation of vibrant artists combine their energies on this piece titled FIRE. Just like the title the song is lit the vocals, delivery, flow, and video quality + concept are all on point. It’s worth your time as you are just a click away from your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/_BzaQFdYsAw

Download and stream a AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire.

Mp3 Download AsapKid ft Crownz – Fire

Download and stream TenorZero. Cameroon’s fastest rapper, tongue twister, and fire rap artist Tenor who had quite drifted away from dropping bars redefines his versatility as a rapper on this new piece titled ZERO. The song has elements of a diss as he addresses certain overlooked ills of the music industry and activities of the contemporary society of a typical Cameroon community. Once again he exercises his lyrical prowess in not only his flow and rap style but in the energetic delivery.

You are just a click away from the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/7isp4Lfc4DU

Download and stream – Tenor – Zero mp3

Mp3 Download – Tenor – Zero

Mp3 Download Tenor- Zero mp3

Download and stream Ful ft LockoEntre Nous. Two of Cameroon’s finest urban vocalists FUL and LOCKO team up on a new piece titled ENTRE NOUS. It’s about time we had this collaboration to spark up a new feeling of French RnB [Rhythm and Blues] and Afro Pop from Cameroon. The melodies and the vocal strengths are just on point to becoming a viral TikTok song especially as it seduces the taste buds of mostly the ladies. They are the ladies’ choice and that’s a plus to the commercial appeal of the genre of music they evolve.

Besides creating exquisite music albums Locko has been famous for having the most electrical, energetic, stunning, and full of passion performances experiencing him perform live will be a complete pleasure to your inner ears. Ful as well is full of potential he’s still bracing up to bringing out the best in him musically with excellent vocals.

You can stream ENTRE NOUS here
Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/sd2Hw4SM1EI

Download and Stream – Ful ft Locko – Entre Nous

Mp3 Download – Ful ft Locko – Entre Nous.

Mp3 Download Ful ft Locko – Entre Nous

Download and Stream Ko-c ft Innoss’BQuand J’aurai l’argent(QJL). Cameroon’s serial hitmaker Ko-c certified with countless number of hit songs to his name teams up with Congolese singer Innoss’B yet another hitmaker on this piece which definitely a masterpiece titled QJL. The song is a blend of Afropop x Afro Congo as it valorizes unique dance steps. The lyrics are comic and easily memorable.

You are just a click away for the full video experience.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/vV9IgHl0MlY

Download and stream – Ko-c ft Innoss’B – Quand J’aurai L’argent

Mp3 Download – Ko-c ft Innoss’B – Quand j’aura l’argent.

Mp3 Download – Ko-c ft Innoss’B- Quand j’aurai l’argent

Just like every artists in any sector there’s always a story embedded in their arts and the ability for the craft to convey a message and tell a story that’s captivating to an artist audience is key. Musicians gather several stories , experiences, work of fiction and streams of several moments and blend them into one, the creativity goes beyond dishing out hit songs but rather keeps the audience glued to your arts.

Every music artist has their key area where their auras are at their best, others can stun an audience with an electrifying and thrilling stage performance, while others have a voice that brings chills down your spine. Very few musicians in Cameroon have transcend to the extra-realm of creating a unique niche of their own. They have understood it’s not just about doing music and that’s why they sometimes fly under the radar.

One major reason why I’ll stick to a Salatiel piece is the creative concept in exploiting narrative music- adopting story telling as he keeps his audience in a sequel , trilogy or threequel depending on how you chose to call it. Hopefully when listening to a song aside having a namaste moment the enticing part is always the story behind. Its not just about the melody , tune, rhythm but the stories are you deeply routed , we live in a world of infinite stories and when music artist push their artistic net I won’t bother wrapping myself in the mesh of stories around us.

For someone like Salatiel who’s keeping us in a loop with the contemporary love music universe as he’s dropping a sequel of love songs , in the anthology ofmusical stories love and sad romance plays a major role because love is a universal language that cannot be misunderstood because most artists have their theme axis they capitalize on – empathy, love , hustle.

Coming through with ANITA a story of lady rescued from suicide when life goes hard on her after educational formation then the sequel continues to TOUCHE PAS [Anita 2] how Anita after being revitalized goes ahead to marry another man living her savior devastated then coming through with PRISONNIER How table turns so quick and the savior becomes the victim and the one who needs saving.

This artistic storytelling is what pushes the audience to fall in love. It’s no longer about the music but the story : suspense , artistic direction which goes a long way to highlight the important of Linear Narrative Music. In as much as it describes an experience, literal or fictitious the objective is for it to be appealing, enticing and captivating to pick up the attention of the desired audience all the way. It might be received differently by a myriad of people at the same time especially if it’s form of emotional escapism, a muse to inspire or convictions of experiences.

Salatiel integrating the contemporary love society where everything is unpredictable and the complicated atmosphere goes a long way to prey on the subsconscious listeners expectations. The overt narrative which he employs more in his music pieces is all-encompassing long-form story because it’s the clearest when it comes to melding music and story. Especially if it rest on émotive style as it leans on tonal shifts because it swells and cèdes, the instrumentation flutters when need be to arouse the intended feeling and goes all with the goal of imbuing the listener’s with the sense of interpretation.

Communication as they say is only complete when the listener is able to comprehend and then give a feedback – this how the final piece of the puzzle fits in when listeners themselves fit into the equation. The interpretation of listener while experiencing music is a pivotal element in the big picture. There’s a lot of room for everyone to push their feelings and then interpret what the music piece serves.

Music is different when it tells a story and conveys a message and every artist who has understood that the listener is an active element in the equation will always push their creative direction towards that light. There are a few who are keeping it tight with the overt style narrative and that’s the extra terrestrial side we wish to see from artists.

It’s been several months gone by since we lost a rare gem in the Cameroon music scene, one of the most complete artists to ever do it with a rare energy, electrifying performance, a strong vocal strength, poetic skill, and a whole vibe to seal that up. It’s often said vibes don’t lie and for sure he was an embodiment of talent and a creative craftsman. Will there ever be someone like Fhishofficial? The answer is NO! but will there ever be someone with similar attributes? YES! Because we have music artists inspired by the same music pattern already existing in the Cameroon music scene.

One thing you should know about Fhish’s artistry is that it was a self-created style borne from scratch, a connection to one’s inner self, he did music from within, cutting through an aura, a feeling, an experience and spirituality interwoven in his creative universe. He synced experiences, his connection to the soul, and then circumstances that define a contemporary society which he lived in: these lied central to his inspiration which predominantly played an upper hand in his music style.

Every music piece Fhish ever dropped had elements of “storytelling” he was a wordsmith when it came to employing the right lyrics, his wit game was lit an apt usage of the Cameroon patois which mostly evolved on “Camfranglais”

Camfranglais is 100% original to Cameroon and is a blend of both French and English languages cemented with sprinkles of pidgin English and Mboko. A typical Cameroonian can easily identify it because it constitutes a great deal of the “knowledge” [sabir in pidgin] and “slangs” youths employ in their daily means of informal communication. One could say his art was almost original as it made great use of Cameroonian expressions making it quite relatable in terms of the story retold and comprehension.

His music could easily penetrate communities and stay as an earworm because it understood the bases of unification, burrowing a bit of the spoken idioms from various ethnic groups and integrating on a single piece to make it a masterpiece. Camfranglais easily identified by its numerous slangs could, however, be overwhelmingly incomprehensible to a none indigene of the socio-cultural environment that created it or of borne Cameroonian origin, however, it remains of great vitality and still of relevance as it actively exists in informal communication.

Fhish understood this was a style he created and made the most of it, he simply added some extra flair to it like rhythms, melodies, and most especially the unique dance steps which played a pivotal role around his music style and universe.

How then do we define the type of music he did? According to the late artist he did “Cameroonian Afro beats” and another school of thought which constitute of music analysts and music knowledge savvy experts: he did more to that with the “Makossa vibe” but on a more fast tempo.Now how do you beat that? That was the unique selling proposition to his arts!

🔴Do Ego & Prido have what it takes in the continuity of the legacy?

Labeling Ego Pride and Yxng Prido as the “New Fhish” is not just about throwing these words because they sound motivating, appealing and harmless but there’s more to that! It’s beyond music but a lifestyle and these two need to understand it’s going to be a roller coaster ride.

When I talk about lifestyle I talk about the dressing and public appearance, the vibe, and most especially the connection Fhish had with the streets, it’s difficult telling a story if you haven’t lived it or experienced but you can get inspired from a story and rewrite yours but staying in context in which it was created for.

So how did this topic pop up? For sure it was after their freestyle videos went viral and were on almost every local media outlet and a few international music airing platforms. Were these two creating music to sound like Fhish? NO! They only made use of “trends and then the patois, the slangs that were making waves in our informal communications and expressions” at the point in time which blew up, but of course and the rhythm that accompanied it was heavily influenced by Makossa.

How did the public contribute to this? The role the public played was simple since they related to it and it sounded good, the vibe and mannerism of delivery sounded like something they had come across before, it was like a “DÉJÁ VUE” and the traces to that eventually stumbled back on Fhish’s artistry!

That’s a summary of what happened, the public helped align these artists with a music trajectory that had already been defined and has an audience ready to savor, however depending on the contents.

Fhish’s versatility as far as music is concerned is that he could easily deliver as a rapper, his verses sure did have punch lines and bars, his thesaurus and metaphor were almost too real to be on a song coupled with this energy!

It’s imperative to understand this new wave of “Fhish” possess these attributes and via their freestyle have proven to have a slight awareness of the style and what Fhish represented musically but still need to put on more work as far as lyricism and maturity is concerned to have full mastery. The unique selling proposition has been discovered now it’s all about exploiting it to the fullest. They are on a path of continuing the legacy but for a fact they need the public’s support while trying to get the right connection in exporting the music – mainstream and then agreeing to the commercial appeal.

Their first official song as a duo – NO BE LIE is now out and available for your viewing and listening.

Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/fdk7q6QZ3MEm

Let’s go inside and bring you some insights with our new rubric on celebrities, mostly music analysis, career, and discography. We commence this first chapter with Asaba Official

🔴Personal and Background information.

Mary Asombang Asaba is a Bangwa girl from Libialem Sub Division in the South West Region of Cameroon. She was born in Muea on the 7th of July 1992 and raised single-handedly by her mum. Music has always been her thing right from childhood.

While in primary and secondary school she got nicknames like Choir Mistress, Bagis, Delta State, DJ Christina, etc. because of her ability to entertain people. As she grew up, she developed herself more with inspiration from the likes of Charlotte Dipanda officiel , Whitney Houston , Adele , @Simi, Andra Day , and Asa (singer)

In 2007, she was introduced to TrackZone Records as a Gospel Artist where she met the likes of DAPHNE, MARTINO DACHRISTO, and so many others.

In 2009, DJ Subzee (owner of TrackZone Records) introduced her to M1 Studios where she got in contact with Emile Ngomba ‘’The Father of All’’, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Adelle Clarice, Myra Davida, just to name but a few. From that point on, she kept on working hard and strong from the background.

In September 2020, Asaba got signed to Starfish Entertainment. So far, she has released five (05) singles (Yele, Big Dreams, Dodokido, Dix Ans & Mon Bebe) with amazing videos. Judging from the progress, it is clear that her record label is putting inadequate resources, expertise, and guidance to see that ASABA breaks boundaries.

🔴As to that which concerns Education/Work Experience:

In 2018, Asaba earned a State Registered Nursing Diploma through BIAKA University institute Buea. After her studies, she moved to Yaoundé for a professional internship at the Yaoundé Central hospital where she served for 8months. Shortly after, she was employed in an occupational health and safety company in Limbe called NOIIA LTD.


In November 2016 she participated in a theme song for AWCON titled ‘’WE ARE CHAMPIONS’’ alongside artists like Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Daphne, Minks, and many more to support the female indomitable lionesses during the African Women’s Cup of Nation.

In the same 2016, she took part in the bright light project for Ebola titled ‘’WE DO IT FOR AFRICA’’ to pay tribute to all those who lost their lives as a result of Ebola and all those children who were left as orphans because of the deadly pandemic.

As a backup artist, her most exciting project has been ‘’PARTOUT ‘’ by Mr. Leo. It is exciting to know that after she did the backup for the song just hours later she went into labor and had her baby on July 12th, 2017.

She was the lead backup singer for the cultural festival organized by the ministry of culture at the Buea trade fair in 2015. Mary also writes songs for other artists, especially females.
She hopes to use her voice and music as a tool to help others struggling to find themselves. Asaba spends most of her free time bonding with her daughter, watching movies, and cooking. Her major preoccupation right now is to put in her best to deliver beyond the expectation of supporters and lovers of her music.

Her inspiration comes mostly from her life experiences, story, and journey through hurdles and challenges. ASABA currently resides in Douala with her family.

Link Up:
FB: Asaba Official
IG: @asaba.official
Twitter: @AsabaOfficial