It was a seismic event when Congolese super Star Fally Ipupa finally made a grand entry in Cameroon precisely in Douala, after touring part of the economic capital with his caravan making his appearance seen by the anxious public he eventually visited some media houses to talk about his mission in Cameroon at the moment. The 11th of February 2021 saw the presence of Congolese artist in Cameroon at Canal Olympia Douala to celebrate the Youth Day of which he honored the invitation. Before he his performance other music acts graced the stage with their thrilling performances and the reaction from the crowd wasn’t the best.

Tenor who performed kept receiving shots of empty plastic bottles from what happened to be a disgruntled crowd of onlookers and fans, eventually when Fally Ipupa mounted the stage for his performance the shots came coming and in an outburst of disappointment and anger he uttered these words “If you throw these bottles again I will stop the concert and go I don’t like illiterates” translated from French which reads “Vous jetez encores les bouteilles sur moi j’arrete le concert et je pars je n’aime pas les villlageois” I did’nt pay my flight from Congo to come here for this bullshit he added!

Just as a quick reminder sometime ago still in Cameroon while Fally Ipupa had to perform still during a concert an angry unidentified individual slapped him from the back of his head and managed to run off into the crowd present. And to finally burst your bubbles Tenor crowned the day once again with a National disappointment when he took his pants off and showed his boxers to the audience present.

What is your say concerning these behaviors from both the fans and the entertainers present? Do you think Cameroon showbiz lovers aren’t all that supportive? drop your thoughts below!