Mic Monsta 1 million streams on Boomplay.

Congratulations to Mic Monsta Official for accumulating more than 1 million streams for his album on BOOMPLAY. The album the stars are watching which he dropped last year has amassed over 1 million streams on Boomplay making him the first Cameroonian rapper to achieve these amazing stats. HipHop is not dead, dreams are valid.

Mic Monsta has been phenomenal in not only creating impactful music but has also built value when he created the label Kwata Music INC, signing artists like Torch City Trio – TCT, Dready Christ, and Marnick Official. The rapper is also a brand ambassador for Chivas Regal

You can continue streaming on these platforms.

Keep Streaming on Boomplay Music : https://www.boomplay.com/share/album/49666788?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=IOS

Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/0LtXN0h6kTZPYpnEQW1pB9?si=RjIQAM-kQlq-l–TvLXSgA

Audiomack : https://audiomack.com/micmonsta/album/the-stars-are-watching

@APpleMusic : https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-stars-are-watching/1632347972

Download and stream Boy Tag – Tobi mp3. Steven’s music artist Boy Tag drops new single Tobi which capitalizes on the storytelling music narrative. As he narrates the story of a young lad going through a rough upbringing in the hands of a wicked stepmother. Boy Tag is not only one of Cameroon’s finest rappers, but his lyricism game is topnotch and a good story teller in music. You can now stream and download the song.

Download and Stream Boy Tag – Tobi mp3

Download Boy Tag – Tobi mp3 [Here!]

Boy Tag – Tobi mp3

Download and stream El Jones – Ain’t Friendly.

El Jones Officials is an independent rapper and songwriter based in Bamenda. He has been actively doing music since secondary school days at GTHS Ombe in Limbe. He created the label “N!ggas with Attitude Music”

He recently dropped a new song dubbed “AIN’T FRIENDLY” a pidgin rap piece with a lot of wordplay and rhyme scheme. His delivery style and flow are quite smooth and easy to comprehend.

Listen here:
Link πŸ”—: https://youtu.be/ZOL2viDo–c

Download and Stream El Jones- Ain’t Friendly

Download and Stream El Jones – Ain’t Friendly HERE!

Mp3 Download Drizz ft Vegah – Bestie Party. Barely 6 months DRIZZ made his way into the music scene as a pidgin storytelling rapper he’s featured in a couple of tracks and is on his second official release BESTIE PARTY. He teams up with yet one of the finest lyricist and Mcs Vegah to make this piece worth viewing and listening. Both energies , flow and delivery on a drill time of beat is addictive to play in a loop.

You are just a quick away from the full video experience.
Link πŸ”—: https://youtu.be/_Fz88ft1LU8

Download and stream Drizz ft Vegah – Bestie Party

Mp3 Download Drizz ft Vegah – Bestie Party.

Mp3 Download Drizz ft Vegah – Bestie Party

Download and stream TenorZero. Cameroon’s fastest rapper, tongue twister, and fire rap artist Tenor who had quite drifted away from dropping bars redefines his versatility as a rapper on this new piece titled ZERO. The song has elements of a diss as he addresses certain overlooked ills of the music industry and activities of the contemporary society of a typical Cameroon community. Once again he exercises his lyrical prowess in not only his flow and rap style but in the energetic delivery.

You are just a click away from the full video experience.

Link πŸ”—: https://youtu.be/7isp4Lfc4DU

Download and stream – Tenor – Zero mp3

Mp3 Download – Tenor – Zero

Mp3 Download Tenor- Zero mp3

Download and stream Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta PUT POWER latest video track making rounds at the moment. Set a Beatz and old broom in the industry teams up once again with the mayor of punch line district lyrical Njorku to give you good music. It rests on the theme of steadfastness and hope for every hustler out there.

You are just a click away for the full video streaming and download.

Link πŸ”—: https://youtu.be/k-1RPSA0pDU

Download and Stream Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta – Put Power

(Mp3 Download) Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta- Put power.

Mp3 Download Seta Beatz ft Mic Monsta – Put power

After rounding up with Mboko drill episodes by bringing on other pidgin rappers and trappers, Kitz drops the visuals on ON GOD off his mixtape CYB. The song acknowledges the presence of a supernatural being in his essence as a hustler and life in it’s entirety. It’s a street motivation for everyone out there struggling to make ends meet.

You are just a click away from the full audio download and full video streaming.

Link πŸ”—: https://youtu.be/CbgUi1U4vLw

(Mp3 Download) Kitz- On God

(Mp3 Download) Kitz- On God

NiCeofficial237 invites DRIZZ on his new track titled LOW KEY. It’s all about the code in surviving the streets, getting money, and acting broke, it saves you from a lot of trouble. Both rappers combine their energies on this one.

You are just a click away from your viewing and listening pleasure.

Link πŸ”—: https://youtu.be/f_hVHlAVy80

(Mp3 Download) NiCe ft Drizz – Low Key

(Mp3 Download) NiCe ft Drizz – Low Key