Tzy Panchak lone ranger of the music label Blu Nation Recording has been consistent and relevant since he commenced his music career. He has done his utmost best to represent and project not only his arts as a musician but the record label itself Nationally and Internationally.

He definitely is one the much loved, valued and respected musicians currently making music in Cameroon, dropping hits back to back and creating opportunities for the youngster musicians to have a spot in the limelight. Launching various challenges for upcoming artists to expose their talents has giving him more shine and respect across the Entertainment Industry, from fans, well wishers, other celebrities and showbiz lovers.

The dynamic and versatile artist has undergone numerous Western Tours and shows, UK, USA. Following his most recent invitation in USA for the JAVA FEST 2019 in Maryland DC Virginia from the 22nd-24th November.

In an exclusive interview with DDiconic Media House powered by Chief Creative Officer Diane Daiga a public figure Tzy Panchak was asked about his choice for language in Music – French or English, and the latter dropped a deep reply…

Cameroonians listen to songs on YouTube ready to criticise rather than listen and enjoy the music, in case they don’t find anything worth criticising, they will try to paint you black by bringing in problem of language either French or English”

He goes further to say he really doesn’t care about the Cameroonian population and their opinions, he does music for Blue Nation Recording and especially for his fans ‘his army’ because the truth is where Cameroonians spell success they try had to push you to failure or bring you doing . The artist has eventually understood the fact that criticisms will always come wether you are doing good or bad and if you are being talked about means you are relevant.