Download and stream Mimie Wolowoss. Cameroonian Afropop singer Mimie releases another mind-blowing song titled Wolowoss a pidgin slang typically to the Cameroonian community and contemporary society which means “Prostitute” in English. The song talks about her life as a successful facing backlash from naysayers who believe she’s more of an escort girl than a singer making money from her talent. You can now download and stress the song.

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Download Mimie – Wolowoss Mp3

Mimie – Wolowoss Mp3
10 sexiest female Cameroonian celebrities of 2022.

10 sexiest female Cameroonian celebrities of 2022 are a list off some Cameroonian entertainers with alluring curves either from natural endowments or working their to having those spanking dream bodies. This list is exclusively a product of this platform and observations, so it is open to criticisms. The list isn’t in any particular other as we respect every lady’s body and chose not to create an atmosphere of tension and egocentrism, We mostly selected pictures of them in Bikini because its almost their natural naked state which clearly portrays their contours. Let’s delve right into our 10 sexiest female Cameroonian celebrities.

Honorine Ayissi

Honorine Ayissi is a Cameroonian influencer and photo model. She is known for her particular photographic style that is inspired by the wonders of nature. She represents Africa with her popping black melanin always ready to show off her curves which serve as food for the eyes. She is passionate about reealing new concepts in photography in the outdoor horizons. She has amassed over 250,000 followers on Instagram and about 73,000 followers on Facebook at just the age of 23 years old. She’s a photo model sensation. Just off recent she got called up y the president of FECAFOOT Samuel Eto’o as of the influencers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Cameroon chapter in Qatar.

Below are some of her pictures.

Mimie Ngoga

Popularly known by her artistic name MIMIE, she’s one of the finest female urban music singers we have at the moment. Aside her very sweet vocals and electrifying stage performances with dance moves she equally possesses an enticing body. Her curves have not only fetched her some brand ambassadorial deals, but she equally doubles as an actress. Mimie is constantly working out in the gym to make sure her body amazingly hot when visiting the beach or for her video and photoshoots sessions. She has over 950,00 Facebook followers almost reaching a milestone of 1 million. Below are some of her pictures.

Daphne Njie

Cameroonian singer popularly known by her stage name Daphne has raised the bar high when it comes to Cameroonian music on the international music scene. She singlehandedly held down the industry for several years y blacking out with hit songs. Before halting on music she had served her fans songs that became street anthems penetrating all communities and age groups. With over 2 million Facebook followers she has dedicated her Facebook handle to not just music t sometimes very interesting pics revealing her curves which have sparked up chitchats and online wrangles. Below are some of her pictures.

Syndy Emade

Cameroonian movie star and CEO of Blue Rain Entertainment movie theatre house is the face of so many brands in and out of the country. If she doesn’t represent the brand as an ambassador then it will be as an influencer. She’s one of the country’s top actresses and has starred in so many movies in and ot of the country. Syndy Emade is very intentional when it comes to fashion with a spankingly hot body always ready to complement her outfits. Below are some of her pictures.

Carine Mongoue

Carine Mongoue known widely as Carimo Empire or Boss Lady Carimo is one of Cameroon’s most successful female entrepreneurs recognized in and out of the country. She is beauty expert in skin care products and cosmetics or personal care. Carimo Empire employs a great number of Cameroonian youths with a range of products that have served as solutions to so many skin problems and health complications. Aside being a CEO, she models for her brand and her body serves as a commercial tool and sales appeal on advertising billboards. She confidently shows off her body unapologetically despite being a mother to her 850+ Facebook followers. See pictures below

Muriel Blanche

Muriel Blanche, whose real name is Leumeni Kamcheu Muriel, born August 25, 1990 in Bandja in the West Region ofCameroon, is a Cameroonian actresssingermodelfilm producercolumnist and businesswoman. Bamiléké ethnicity, Muriel Blanche was born on August 25, 1990 in Bandja in the West region of Cameroon. She holds a baccalaureate +2 in management and international business3. It is followed by more than 5 million people on social networks. She became known in 2017 through the web-series Pakgne and has over 1.4 million followers on Facebook. Despite being a mother of one she still possesses a captivating body. See pictures below

Diana Bouli

Diana Bouli is presently the most followed Cameroonian on TikTok with over 2 million followers and almost clocking 900.000 Facebook followers. She is video content creator, a social media influencer and a music promoter. She has been to so many African countries based on her works online and her pictures are always hot and sassy, see below.


Montess Ivette Enjema (born July 20, 1991) better known by her stage name Montess, is a Cameroonian singer, dancer and songwriter. She began her career at the age of 6 until she rose to prominence in 2015. She holds an AFRIMA award of Best Female Artist in Central Africa and has been dropping good music her entire career. Aside music she’s very curvy, see pictures below.

MC Charlene

MC Charlene born Charlene Ebai-Ebi Egbe is a Cameroonian-born MC and host based in Norway. Contents 1 Early Life 2 Career 3 Awards and Recognition 4 References Early Life Charlene was born on April 14, 1992, in. Mamfe, Cameroon. Her father, Egbe Sunday is a Petroleum Engineer. Charlene also known as Energy Goddess has a profound love for entertainment and she has gathered quite a buzz for herself as a popular host in Africa. She has hosted events for music stars and amongst them are Reekado Banks, Kiss Daniel, Diamond Platinumz and many others. She has over 90.000 followers with an audience and fans from across Africa. As an MC her fashion sense is dope with a hot body see pictures below.

Darina Victry

One off the latest musical sensations in the country blew up around the last quarter of 2020 and 2021 with her song Laisse moi t’aimer which is currently among the Top 5 most viewed Cameroonian songs on YouTube has over 145,000 Facebook followers. Barely 21 years old she has achieved a lot musically, cutting through fame and assets. She natrally endowed with a portruding behind and sexy body, see pictures below.

These are just some of the selected among the multitude but we do know there are a good number of sexy celebrities Cameroon is blessed to have. Feel free to check their social media handles and don’t forget to share and subscribe here.

Empire Company music label frontline artist Mimie drops another mind-blowing track which slightly drifts away from her normal afro-pop into a slower tempo which rests on Makossa vibe and patterns of Congolese Rumba cemented with melodies that define zouk. Petite Soeur is a song that dishes a couple of advice to female youths out there getting to know life vis a vis there so many temptations men will offer backbone by a personal interest in purpose-driven relationships.

The song is no available for your listening pleasure as you are just a click away to downloading and streaming.

link l🔗: https://youtu.be/t3T0uQiDHmc

(Mp3 Download) Mimie – Petite Soeur.

(mp3 Download) Mimie- Petite Soeur.