There exist a bond between producers and music artists: getting the right producer on board is a pivotal element to the success of an artist’s song. It’s always the wish for artist to come across producers who can understand their music vibe and how they present themselves artistically.

Who gets credit for a hit song ? The producer , song writer or the artist? You and I will agree all these parties are very instrumental as far as a hit song is concerned but if you’re to ask my personally I’ll say the producer deserves more credit. When listening to a song the very first thing that sticks to your mind is the instrumentation, there’s a higher probability of getting a hit song off a good beats and average lyrics than an average beats and top notch lyrics.

Now it’s easier when an artist is able to paint the exact picture of what they want in the mind’s eye of the producer and he places his fingers on the right button. When a music producer fully understands the artistic direction of an artist magic will always happen: at the end of the day those who practically have more than enough time to bond are these two via their numerous studio sessions.

When there’s a bond and understanding there’s a greater chance of productivity and quality. It’s needless constantly switching to different producers when you have already found someone who understands your sound and music direction more. There’s a high probability of you creating a more consistent sound when you work with fewer music producers.

In as much as we can’t confine an artist to a particular vibe : you are still open to scouting for that extra musical flair in your big jar of music inputs. Many music artists in the 21st century before approaching a producer they already have a clearly mapped out type of vibe in their head either inspired by a circumstance which entails creating from scratch or sampling /rip-off of an already existent sound.

The producer is equally in a better place to mold the artist’s thoughts into something magical both parties can dish out different flavors to the same concept until they agree on what sounds pleasant and agreeable. Of course welcoming a hit song will be obvious for both stakeholders to bask in its glories.

So in my survey of the industry atmosphere we can actually pin point those music artists who have created a relationship with producers and how productive thé output has been so far. For artist like Mic Monsta Official who has been blacking out on every Dijay Karl beats.

Then we have Sangtum and his impeccable bond with Magasco from way to present they both understand the vibe and artistic direction.

For someone like Dianee Ridimz Phillbill who’s central to every artist needs especially via his versatility and creativity will always serve accordingly. The bond he’s been able to build with Rinyu so far , Ko-c, Blanche Bailly and a host of others proves he has a mastery of these artists musical vibe and music directions.

There’s equally Tenor and feel like it’s only Ramzy On The Beat who understands his artistic ideologies more as he’s had a longer working period with him than anyone else.

Salatiel has equally been doing great for a cross section of music artist in the industry and beyond, his creativity as well is top notch with sounds popping from every corner. It’s quite difficult to identify the bond with particular artist because he serves a wide range of music vibes. But real quick he’s been very instrumental behind the success of Daphne E.N.’s discography and a host of others.

Dijay Cliff who seems to understand Vernyuy Tina’s musical direction more and the level of spirituality.

Shout out to Blaise B aka Akwandor Empire holding it down with the love and romance tunes who has equally been instrumental in Mr. Leo – Artist’s hit songs and a host of others.

Principally these is more of an acknowledgement and shout out to music producers doing the most out here, you remain very instrumental as far as hit songs are concerned contrary to popular belief. It’s very okay for all stakeholders to enjoy the credit for hit songs, it’s very easy to identify producers on songs and fairly allocate their credit powered by their baselines [signatures] on the instrumentation and production. I do know some music producers do receive royalties on songs streamings depending on the agreement and regardless if it’s a hit song.

However it’s important not to mixup who a producer is and how he differs from a beat maker. The general goal is for artist out here achieve greater results by creating a mutual relationship with producers who understand their sound more, the consistency will be obvious and hit songs will overflow music banks.