Just like every artists in any sector there’s always a story embedded in their arts and the ability for the craft to convey a message and tell a story that’s captivating to an artist audience is key. Musicians gather several stories , experiences, work of fiction and streams of several moments and blend them into one, the creativity goes beyond dishing out hit songs but rather keeps the audience glued to your arts.

Every music artist has their key area where their auras are at their best, others can stun an audience with an electrifying and thrilling stage performance, while others have a voice that brings chills down your spine. Very few musicians in Cameroon have transcend to the extra-realm of creating a unique niche of their own. They have understood it’s not just about doing music and that’s why they sometimes fly under the radar.

One major reason why I’ll stick to a Salatiel piece is the creative concept in exploiting narrative music- adopting story telling as he keeps his audience in a sequel , trilogy or threequel depending on how you chose to call it. Hopefully when listening to a song aside having a namaste moment the enticing part is always the story behind. Its not just about the melody , tune, rhythm but the stories are you deeply routed , we live in a world of infinite stories and when music artist push their artistic net I won’t bother wrapping myself in the mesh of stories around us.

For someone like Salatiel who’s keeping us in a loop with the contemporary love music universe as he’s dropping a sequel of love songs , in the anthology ofmusical stories love and sad romance plays a major role because love is a universal language that cannot be misunderstood because most artists have their theme axis they capitalize on – empathy, love , hustle.

Coming through with ANITA a story of lady rescued from suicide when life goes hard on her after educational formation then the sequel continues to TOUCHE PAS [Anita 2] how Anita after being revitalized goes ahead to marry another man living her savior devastated then coming through with PRISONNIER How table turns so quick and the savior becomes the victim and the one who needs saving.

This artistic storytelling is what pushes the audience to fall in love. It’s no longer about the music but the story : suspense , artistic direction which goes a long way to highlight the important of Linear Narrative Music. In as much as it describes an experience, literal or fictitious the objective is for it to be appealing, enticing and captivating to pick up the attention of the desired audience all the way. It might be received differently by a myriad of people at the same time especially if it’s form of emotional escapism, a muse to inspire or convictions of experiences.

Salatiel integrating the contemporary love society where everything is unpredictable and the complicated atmosphere goes a long way to prey on the subsconscious listeners expectations. The overt narrative which he employs more in his music pieces is all-encompassing long-form story because it’s the clearest when it comes to melding music and story. Especially if it rest on émotive style as it leans on tonal shifts because it swells and cèdes, the instrumentation flutters when need be to arouse the intended feeling and goes all with the goal of imbuing the listener’s with the sense of interpretation.

Communication as they say is only complete when the listener is able to comprehend and then give a feedback – this how the final piece of the puzzle fits in when listeners themselves fit into the equation. The interpretation of listener while experiencing music is a pivotal element in the big picture. There’s a lot of room for everyone to push their feelings and then interpret what the music piece serves.

Music is different when it tells a story and conveys a message and every artist who has understood that the listener is an active element in the equation will always push their creative direction towards that light. There are a few who are keeping it tight with the overt style narrative and that’s the extra terrestrial side we wish to see from artists.