There’s a concept many of us fail to apply or probably aren’t just aware of, “Reading the room ” is a skill. Reading the room is taking into consideration or comprehending the prevalent emotion or thoughts of the people in the room: being cognizant of cues coming from people around you at a given point in time”

Now I wish to have a reversed paradigm by flipping the other side of the coin to be “PAY ATTENTION”. Well, I’ll be more focused on negative signals which are of positive intention, there are some things we are passive about which I believe if we are paying attention and more intentional about our observations will save us from trouble.

There are people in your life, on your contact list, on your social media following that have never typed congratulations, Courage, wished you a happy birthday, honored your invitation, ignited a chat with you, endorse your stuff but will do for everyone around you every single time.

It’s minor but pay ATTENTION to friends and family who are in this lane.

Pay attention to those who pay attention to your updates, your works, your success, but don’t give the attention.

Pay attention to those who are drawn close to information meant to sabotage you or feed up from your filth, who find pleasure in knowing information that concerns you especially aim at ridiculing. They might not like you but will not make it obvious [minor degrading comments, posts you can easily notice]

Pay attention to those who are always at the receiving end but always give you complaints about a lack, search yourself search your chats you will find that person and it’s important to pay attention to them their aim might be wanting to suck you dry or generally you aren’t worth it.

Pay attention to those who rarely appreciate your works, endorse your success even when everyone does but will do that to someone in the same field as you especially if you are in close communication with the person.

Pay attention to the same jokes made about you repeatedly by some particular people, that may be how they feel or think about you and they’re letting the world know via mild sarcasm.

Pay attention to friends and family you fell out with and come back in your life showing excessive love and concern.

Pay attention to those who view your status, stories, updates 24/7, 365 days a year but never say a word, skip through your nominations, your graduation, your birthday, your engagement, your job acquisition, your endorsement deal, your vacations, your lovely pictures, and nothing ever interests them!

Pay attention to those who know a lot about you, always inquisitive, curious, and nosey but secretive about their life, barely allow you know what’s up with their life. Search yourself and your contact list we all have that person.

Pay attention to those who are close to you that never help you in a financial crisis but help random people out there to get a good name for themselves but call you out just to drink, emotional blackmail and seducing your conscience with another good will that isn’t fulfilling your request.

Pay attention to those really close to you who are successful but have never shared with you their success secrets and every time put you on a rendezvous that never happens, it’s passive and doesn’t look like anything serious until you start paying attention.

What or who are you paying attention to? you have to pay attention, go back search yourself, search your contact list, search your community, search your family, search your colleagues and friends, search your acquaintances, when you pay attention you must keep your distance you don’t have to CUT OFF! That’s if it’s the only option you have, but letting go is important.

Lastly, PAY ATTENTION to this post and the poster we are all vulnerable.