Longlive those who are honest enough to say 25 SO NO DEY! in this complicated, complex Entertainment Industry. Every Industry has it’s loopholes and setbacks but it becomes more dangerous when you enumerate it’s weaknesses vis a vis it’s strengths and the former outweighs the latter. One major enemy the industry fights in it’s everyday superficial battle that lies central to it’s activities is PRIDE, shall be propounded in the subsequent paragraphs.

The mass/audience [Fans, showbiz lovers, media personalities, Industry stakeholders] cry out

Celebrities don’t do giveaways, they don’t acknowledge supporters of arts, they are stingy, they ignore posts and won’t react, they will always ignore the positive but the day your bring a negative point that might spark a controversy they will jump all over you like uncontrolled semens jerked off from a d!ck that has attained satiety. They generally shy away from initiatives and schemes that might entail financial support with the pretext of a busy schedule or allocated budget. The actual truth is 25 SO NO DEY! but they won’t admit.

Oh my God you my favourite artist, you inspire me so much in life, I do music so someday I could be like you hoping that you can be my mentor and give me tips to be succesful and rich in my music career as you are. That phrase is the reason why these celebrities will disappear like a Molyko slay Queen after you have bought her roasted fish for 1000frs and a bottle of Origin. Do you know why? Because 25 SO NO DEY!

Most musicians will prefer to stay on their lane, at their pace without accepting collaborations or soliciting collaborations because they won’t want a 3rd party to infiltrate their personal space and find them battling with their insecurities, their flaws and in ability to reflect and represent the perception of the public and brand image physically. It’s easier to find a musician here collaborating with a foreigner than one of their own, for reasons that both parties may see the emptiness of each other’s portfolios and may use it against the other in the long-run. So they prefer to act BIG and established but 25 SO NO DEY!

The unending warfare that exists between the upcoming artists and established artists in their quest for validation and recognition only ends in tears. The youngsters expect much from the supposed A lists who are superior in terms of music making and visibility hoping they might extend a helping hand to boost their careers but the verdict is futile. With no shows in sight, no endorsement deals, no tours, no side hustle it might be difficult to extend a hand but will it come out clear? No because 25 SO NO DEY!

Funny how it becomes a whole seismic event when fellow neighboring Entertainment industries don’t validate our existence, you should be asking who put them in charge of validation and secondly not what have you done, rather what are you doing to get the validation? Don’t cite legends who have musically placed Cameroon on the map that’s the industry dwelling on past glories, rather the goal is to take-over the Batten of continuity and continue the race by growth and progress in unison. Identifying those making a genuine difference and giving out genuine support.

There are some issues that plague the industry but one that slowly but surely kills is PRIDE and it’s safe to say being an entertainer in Cameroon only gives you fame and no money. Partly due to greed from the entertainer’s corner and lack of incentive to support from the audience. We are in this together and the way out is creative a conducive atmosphere for reciprocated support. That means last last nor, for the end na all we go shame because 25 SO NO DEY!