Top 5 Cameroonian Producers who are popular musicians

If we’re going by survey in a global data board many producers are good musicians and the best music artists are producers or know about music production, beat making, and sound engineering. Many of the world’s renowned music superstars are producers and for many reasons could account for this. Firstly for the fact that you’re making beats that synchronize with your style of music since you have a mastery of your sound better than another and secondly for the fact that music is a thing of passion that goes just beyond composing music but also creating magic for others. So after careful follow up these are the Top 5 Cameroonian producers who are popular musicians and also very good at it.

5- Sango Edi

Sango Edi aka Drae Boi

Edi Mesumbe M popularly known as Sango Edi is a Cameroonian producer and beatmaker under the pseudonym and producer name DraeBoi. He’s also currently signed as an artist under the label RETAMusic, over the years he’s been very instrumental in putting his signature on many of the songs the industry has recorded as hit songs. Aside from the amazing soothing vocals, he’s also a good lyricist and songwriter. Sango Edi is the Co-founder of Thee 808 Nation record label. Edi Le Drae has a very rich music CV working under the mentorship of big names like Salatiel, Don Jazzy, Korede Bello, and Locko. He’s produced songs for the likes of Nabila, Crispy don dada, Brianna Lesly, and many other emerging acts like Forbin Audrey of RETA Music.Edi Le Drae has released so many singles, features, and an EP. He deserves to be in the countdown of our Top 5 most prolific producers who double as a singer.

4- Blaise B

Blaise B aka Akwandor

Blaise B popularly known as Blaise B is his artistic name goes under the producer name Akwandor which is also his self-created Label Alwandor Empire. Blaise is also one of Cameroon’s Ace producers who doubles as a musician and is good at that. He has a magical voice with an amazing pen game. He was formally in a collaborative partnership with Alpha Better Records before they went separate was. Blaise B has served the industry with mindblowing songs over the years and also has an upper hand in the production of the good songs the industry is proud to have had in the yesteryears and recent times. Having written for artists like Mr. Leo. He is one of Cameroon’s finest vocalists going by vocals.

3 – PhiBill

Phillbill aka Shabba

Diyani Bill Mulenge popularly known as PhillBill former member of the music duo Ridimz goes under producer pseudonym Shaba, which operates under the label Shaba Music Inc. Phillbill is not only one of Cameroon’s Ace sound engineers with a production prowess that stands out he’s also a very good vocalist, soloist, and hitmaker. PhillBill is responsible for a cross-section of the hit songs the industry has recorded within the half of the last decade, not only for other artists but his artistry as a musician too is on fire too. SHABASICO when as Ridimz, Le Clé as PhillBill, then about to drop another amazing piece under the self-created genre AFROBIKOSSA which is a blend of Cameroonian indigenous music sounds. Phillbill songs have been crossing boundaries to neighboring countries like Ivory Coats where he has had shows too and songs represented on international stages. Her holding the mantle for creating a 100% Cameroonian sound which breathes originality and cultural identity.

2- Jovi

Jovi aka Le Monstre

Ndukong Godlove Nfor popularly known as Jovi and producer name Le Monstre is a sound engineer, songwriter, and rapper. Jovi is CEO of the label New Bell Music, a house to international hitmaker Renniss, and formal label mates Pascal, Tilla, Tata, Shey, and Lor. Jovi still holds the position as Cameroon’s best rapper as ordained by many music analysts in the industry for not only creating a style called “Mboko” but for staying true to it placing African Cameroonian rap on the scene. Jovi’s production game is quite different from other producers which makes his releases unpredictable. Jovi has the richest discography as rapper in Cameroon and is amongst the Top 3 in Africa with the highest released songs in Africa. Jovi has 4 albums, 10 Eps and 1 mixtape and his music and rap style has stayed original.

1- Salatiel

Salatiel aka High Man General

Salatiel Livenja Bessong popularly known as Salatiel goes under the producer name High Man General and is the owner and founder of the record label Alpha Better Records former house to artists like Mr. Leo, Blaise B, and Askia. Salatiel has been for a long time a producer creating magic for so many artists around the industry cutting across the upcoming and established ones. In between that period, he was releasing a couple of singles without full dedication before he came into the game with force-dropping tracks back to back and then an album Africa Represented to seal the deal. Salatiel breathes music and is an epitome of talent, he understands music to the core, and his lyrics, his melodies, and his instrumentation are all in harmony and excellently synchronize. Salatiel had the opportunity to feature on Beyoncé’s album THE GIFT on the track Water ft Pharell Williams. Salitiel’s label is home to many hit songs and good music.

These are just a few handpicked producers who equally doing good music as singers and a topping too. Cameroon is proud to have many sound engineers away from these who equally produce good music, producers who also singers like Oken, Slimbeatz, Mr. Elad, Abztrumental, I.V.O, Mccoy TWAP, Dijay Cliff, Sanctum Pazzo and a host of others.

Just like every artists in any sector there’s always a story embedded in their arts and the ability for the craft to convey a message and tell a story that’s captivating to an artist audience is key. Musicians gather several stories , experiences, work of fiction and streams of several moments and blend them into one, the creativity goes beyond dishing out hit songs but rather keeps the audience glued to your arts.

Every music artist has their key area where their auras are at their best, others can stun an audience with an electrifying and thrilling stage performance, while others have a voice that brings chills down your spine. Very few musicians in Cameroon have transcend to the extra-realm of creating a unique niche of their own. They have understood it’s not just about doing music and that’s why they sometimes fly under the radar.

One major reason why I’ll stick to a Salatiel piece is the creative concept in exploiting narrative music- adopting story telling as he keeps his audience in a sequel , trilogy or threequel depending on how you chose to call it. Hopefully when listening to a song aside having a namaste moment the enticing part is always the story behind. Its not just about the melody , tune, rhythm but the stories are you deeply routed , we live in a world of infinite stories and when music artist push their artistic net I won’t bother wrapping myself in the mesh of stories around us.

For someone like Salatiel who’s keeping us in a loop with the contemporary love music universe as he’s dropping a sequel of love songs , in the anthology ofmusical stories love and sad romance plays a major role because love is a universal language that cannot be misunderstood because most artists have their theme axis they capitalize on – empathy, love , hustle.

Coming through with ANITA a story of lady rescued from suicide when life goes hard on her after educational formation then the sequel continues to TOUCHE PAS [Anita 2] how Anita after being revitalized goes ahead to marry another man living her savior devastated then coming through with PRISONNIER How table turns so quick and the savior becomes the victim and the one who needs saving.

This artistic storytelling is what pushes the audience to fall in love. It’s no longer about the music but the story : suspense , artistic direction which goes a long way to highlight the important of Linear Narrative Music. In as much as it describes an experience, literal or fictitious the objective is for it to be appealing, enticing and captivating to pick up the attention of the desired audience all the way. It might be received differently by a myriad of people at the same time especially if it’s form of emotional escapism, a muse to inspire or convictions of experiences.

Salatiel integrating the contemporary love society where everything is unpredictable and the complicated atmosphere goes a long way to prey on the subsconscious listeners expectations. The overt narrative which he employs more in his music pieces is all-encompassing long-form story because it’s the clearest when it comes to melding music and story. Especially if it rest on émotive style as it leans on tonal shifts because it swells and cèdes, the instrumentation flutters when need be to arouse the intended feeling and goes all with the goal of imbuing the listener’s with the sense of interpretation.

Communication as they say is only complete when the listener is able to comprehend and then give a feedback – this how the final piece of the puzzle fits in when listeners themselves fit into the equation. The interpretation of listener while experiencing music is a pivotal element in the big picture. There’s a lot of room for everyone to push their feelings and then interpret what the music piece serves.

Music is different when it tells a story and conveys a message and every artist who has understood that the listener is an active element in the equation will always push their creative direction towards that light. There are a few who are keeping it tight with the overt style narrative and that’s the extra terrestrial side we wish to see from artists.

This could be a potential hit song, Salatiel invites Haitian zouk goddess Rutshelle Guillaume on a collaborative project to jump on a track titled GOOD GIRL which appears among the 19 tracks in his forth coming album AFRICA REPRESENTED.

I had to visit the social media handles of Rutshelle and background check just to discover she’s been on fire , her music pieces a rich discography , branding and her personality as a whole. I’m excited about this project because it represents a portion of what the Album stands for , linking two music cultures on a single track is what fans and music lovers always yearn for.

She’s like the new wave of zouk music in all its splendors I can’t wait to see what a fuss of Salatiel’s Afro soul and Afropop has to offer. The interesting thing is some Haitian blogs are picking up this announcement with so much passion which equally proves they are excited about this project hence fastening the anticipation while making the audience and possible reach bigger and wider.

For a fact I don’t doubt Salatiel’s moves in making his music consumed across national boundaries while targeting another type of audience via his production and vocal prowess. He proved this on the track VAMOS featuring @Soul Bangs where the delivery was almost Mexican with a touch of Latino effects and equally on the track COMME ÇA featuring @Daphne clearly targeted the Islamic or Muslim community with the delivery and vocal modifications of his accent. To think Haita has a traditional language they use Rutshelle guillaume delivery and accent will be just what is needed to make this piece worth listening and consuming.

It’s obvious Salatiel is a music enthusiast a very talented music craftsman who seeks to explore every corner of the picture painted by the mind’s eye and bring out the creativity. The fans of both parties as well as the artists themselves are looking forward to this project passionately, the potentials of this being a hit song is obvious as it serves varied audience and equally considering the magnitude of both fan bases put together. We keep anticipating for the full package come February 26th! Africa is truly represented.