Social media handles have been buzzing up for close to 24 hours pertaining to a 10secs nude video of hardcore sex alleged to be Blanche Bailly. This springs up at a time where we normally know the Queen Mimba to be someone who is hot and often spotted with portions of her stunning body exposed.

Pertaining to this video of a lady who looks like Blanche Bailly, showbiz lovers quickly assumed and concluded it was their hot headed super star Blanche Bailly. [Watch video below]

The said lady could probably look alike, but mind you that isn’t Blanche Bailly. She could be hot or a little verbally dirty but she’s not a slut.

Barely 24hours Queen mimba responds to the sex scandal stunt on her social media handle story.

Même sans ma tête mes tatouage unique me démarque!!!, mais Merci pour le buzz ?”

As a celebrity it’s often good to be real, because it’s obvious in this situation she was saved because she’s always open to the public about her sex life and her album of half naked pictures have good a long way to do her justice. Facing buzz and fake stunts equally take an upper hand in increasing visibility and awareness of any public figure and at any given time, which is very normal for trends!