Greetings friends of ICT University and the general community.

, 2022. The ICT University is currently receiving applications for spring-fall and deadline scheduled for March 18th 2022.


The ICT University is the lone university that offers effective online and onsite learning in Cameroon 🇨🇲. It is worth noting that the university was one of the very few institutions that continued with effective classes during the Corona Virus pandemic with little or no hitches.

Equally, the ICT University is the lone institution that provides all research material for her students through the E library platform beside the physical library.

Also, students practice what they have acquired in class during a period of internship. In a bit to facilitate this, the institution has smooth cooperation with many companies in the form of partnerships.

Again, the university issues certificates that are recognized in and out of Cameroon.

Furthermore, the university provides free internet services to students on campus to intensify studies.

Tuition rates are very much affordable for all programs: Bachelors, Masters And Ph.D

We are currently accepting applications for the Spring semester beginning in March 2022.

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