Stanley Enow Co founder of Motherland Empire doubles as a rapper and singer, or say rapper tend singer. However this Bayangi boy came to spotlight via his debut track “Hein Père” in 2013 which was a hit undeniably. It fetched him nominations and awards locally and globally. He dropped his first studio album a couple of years later “SOLDIER LIKE MY PAPA” and has featured with so many international artists. The multi award winning artist commonly known as King Kong set to release his second studion Album “STANLEY vs ENOW” this November’s 22nd made a publication as follows…

“My career as an artist still feels like a dqream come reality. Chasing my dreams brought me as far winning the very prestigious MTV AFRICA AWARD MUSIC AWARDS. I’m sure this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have access to my childhood rights. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CRC, my humble wish is to see all children have access to basic life necessities like vaccination, proper healthcare, clean water, health food, decent shelter and a family that cares.

Stanley Enow, Cameroonian Musician ?”



This message comes at a time to commemorate his essence as Brand Ambassador of Unicef Cameroon. Coupled up with his so man extra music activities he has branded himself world wide professionally like a public figure, entrepreneur, businessman than an artist. Probably the inspiration that birthed his newly released track “GLORY” a piece off his up coming Album.

Unicef Cameroon