The African woman has been perceived over the years as a warrior, one with an impeccable desire to see the growth of what she has birth, one who multitask with the energy of a thousand horses, one who protects it’s offspring like a Moses leading the Israelites across the red sea, one serves even when queening and spreads love and affection from deep the hearts bowels- A true African woman choses to challenge life in all it’s entirety ,that’s WOMAN POWER.

The dairy of a sickle cell goddess, today March 8th International Women’s Day we chose to celebrate Nora Emeli Ekole Molongwe popularly known as Nora Brown who chosen to challenge all health complications and life’s hurdles unapologetically as she uses her story to serve, enlighten, Illuminate, support and build the community in every aspect. Right from the diaspora, UK based her works go far and wide touching lives and putting smiles on the faces of many.

To celebrate the strength and essence of a woman can’t be done in a single day ,but a day is set aside to honor the woman especially those who won’t- women ought to be celebrated daily as it’s through a woman that human procreation is possible. Nora Brown cuts across every aspect of a woman worth venerating, choosing to challenge health as she uses her story to inspire other fighters around the world.

Choosing to challenge female entrepreneurship as she runs the Nora Brown Cakes that brings about income. Choosing to challenge Community lapses through has sensitization and developmental project Nora Brown Talks.

Choosing to Challenge Female Chauvinism by redefining Feminism as a movement to help empower the male gender rather than compete with them.

Choosing to challenge depression and frustration as she advocates for the voiceless, oppressed and weary in society via her numerous schemes, projects and initiatives. In a society where we live in it’s very rare for people to buy a rose for their heroes and heroines when they deserve but will buy a whole bouquet pf flower when they are no more, we wish to change the perspective by celebrating community builders while they are still alive. Nora Brown’s essence is that of sacrifice, resilience , enthusiasm, optimism and networking. Through her hands many are blessed – the woman has always been the tool to build, to create, to nurture, to groom, to support and to join. For everyone of these virtues mentioned we have searched and found Nora Brown to be worthy of such qualities and so we chose to celebrate her works today just like every other day.