Taking advantage of the moment as a music artist: How Fhish made it through.

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Entertainment should be one of the leading sectors that make up an economy and entertainers do their ultimate best to provide content for their audience. It doesn’t suffice for showbiz critics and analyzers to often credit one’s arts especially musicians based on a major breakthrough as often the misconception. There aren’t credited for a one time stunning moment but however for the work over time and work in progress. As I’ll often say it takes talent to produce a hit song but it takes hard work added to the talent to release multiple hit songs- this without wavering in belief.

However other schools of thoughts will allow you with another philosophy it takes Talent + Hard work + Luck. Which is still logical. You often hear of hard work surpassing talent.

You might be left wondering if there’s such a thing as Luck? A narrow definition stipulates it as “preparation meeting opportunity”. Fhishofficial at the end of the day could be an embodiment of all these aspects as shall be propounded subsequently.

As a music artist one of the greatest challenges is making music that could be revered and vibed as a hit getting to introduce the right notes, employing the right tone, emitting the right pitch, engaging on the right instrumentation to the derive the perfect melodies and the whole lot the entails the music making process and universe. Obviously dreams do come true but one thing no one is telling you is that nightmares are dreams too- the inevitable nightmare every artists knows and lives with is making it- The success story. What it takes to feature on music billboards and top music charts.

Back to the man on board Fhish and how he took advantage of the moment. Undeniably one of the talented rising acts making in the music scene didn’t just pop out from nowhere overnight. A stroll to memory lane on the path of his discography will allow you with admiration and awe for how much quality that lies in his projects. Over the years he’s been putting out the best of him musically and definitely needed a boost.

Eventually the media hype saw him stocked in an online wrangle which acted as the ultimate breakthrough and boost to his already progressing career. He took advantage of the moment like diary farmer grasping the tits of a milk cow firmly but slowly to squeez out some milk.

•The controversies around his name subsequently transformed to hype gradually. As the name kept making buzz showbiz lovers in their quest to discover him discovered his music and became fans.

•That one time incidence saw Fhish birthing a branded fan base as “gophmen” with a tremendous increase and value in social media presence.

•Equally featuring in blog spots gave incentives for networking, bookings and extra hype.

•Fhish retreated did a couple of petite shows, honoring invitations , went low key and bounced back with a powerful EP putting in context the Cameroon feeling an vibe in it almost everyone can relate.

Apparently negative publicity is still publicity if you have what it takes to convert that publicity to action by attracting an audience , a solid fan base and definitely potential supporters you will be unstoppable. The highly competitive Entertainment industry where almost everyone is doing almost everything regardless without exempting your sector you need to always be on the look out be smart and vigilant to grasp the one time life changing opportunity.

So waiting for the right time may be your defense phrase but wish to ask if there’s a wrong time: like have you seen the time 1:67pm? Just pick a time and make it right, there’s no right time. Always start from somewhere. Talking about time did I mention Fhish is a time bomb? now you know! Recent updates saw him signing a collaborative partnership deal with a UK based Agency.

The artist in question as talented as he is had been working, branding and connecting until opportunity came his way summarily that’s Talent + Hard work intersecting with Luck. With the right attitude he will be unstoppable one thing about his personality that adds value is his aggressive self confidence , charisma and energy. If you don’t give him this credits he will take them by force. The survival strategy and taking advantage of the moment.


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