Fhish undeniably falls among the hottest, vibrant and talented new generation music artists. In terms of award categorization he might comfortably fall under the category of next rated act. Fhishofficial aka @Fhish Lesly HOG goes by the real names of Mbonjem Lesly Aponglen a son of Awing NorthWest region of Cameroon.

As a youth his passion for music goes beyond anybody’s else’s imagination as he wishes to inscribe his name on the hall of fame in the Cameroon music sphere.Over the years he’s been dropping a couple of hits back to back with unique vibes , according to the Fhish the EP I’M CAMEROON which is his debut EP comes to stress on the fact that Cameroon music needs a sound, he considers it a major problem. The fact that there’s music all over but not branded, as every music feeling changes over time and scattered. For him Cameroonian music artist need to put their vibe together, with a particular sound so if foreigners wish to vibe to Cameroonian music they know exactly what they are going on for.

He emphasizes on the fact that Cameroonian songs are vibed outside Cameroon with the notion of being Ivorian songs as perceived by Nigeria as he quotes.The way forward for as he puts it is that Cameroon needs to brand their sound via language especially , using the pidgin language because pidgin here sounds different so making the sound appear different. Pidgin is power and considers it the language of the masses so blending it as one will brand it and work on the commercial appeal afterwards. Cameroonians need to sell their originality and culture to bridge the gap between consuming foreign contents and home made contents.He throws more light on the issue of Cameroonian DJs not vibing to Cameroonian songs for the lack of home made contents, according to him things have changed over the years and DJs can’t keep snubbing that aspect because there’s the availability of good content now currently, there has been a lot of improvements and new vibes, this comes as a result of the fact he had once been a DJ and obviously relate with them more.To win the hearts of DJs and their support good music has to be put out there,making the audience vibe to it so the DJs can’t do otherwise than give out for the audience and fans. The focus now is to use the energy and make Cameroonians love Cameroon music first then all else can fall accordingly.

The dream of every music artist is to make bigger moves, Fhish is born ready to going international following his partnership deal with ATM Entertainment , he confesses a lot of companies and labels wanted to sign him but he was just waiting for the right moment. Small gist according to Fhish he can make Blanche his side chick . Wandafukistan! And for Fhish he can’t cook his cooking skills on 10 is 2 because he doesn’t have patience.For that which concerns his relationship he has a baby he loves and a baby mama as he wishes to have an ideal family as any other celebrity. With the flexibility of a “Fhish” ofcourse he wishes to bring around a change in the Cameroon music Industry using his music.


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