This is song for all hustler women, Career women and hardworking women who do their best to put food on the table and keep the home together keep thriving.

Tracy after her debut single ‘Pret de toi’ streaming of video and audio versions was a music piece with a touch of romance , a burning sensation that sparks the feeling of love between tow love birds. We see a wounded heart calling out to the longer longing for comfort and some guarantee. Tracy however drifts from the concept of romance as she employs the aspect of passing across a message to humanity in notes, tones and lyrics. She’s on the quest to project men who portray some degree of responsibility by strictly relying on women as a backbone to their existence and well being. Its a phenomenon which exist according to Tracy but its under looked pertaining to the fact that it has always been the other way round. She addresses the issue by highlighting the fact apart from a man being good in bed, romance, and presence he equally has to be financially fit to be complete, having the Mulla [Money].

MULLA is a concept which depicts the present situation that plagues relationships today. Men exploit from women by simply being ‘gigolos’ this is a call for action for men to take up the task as men and exercise some male chauvinism.

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