Tzy Panchak bringing upcoming artists to the limelight.

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The truth no one told you!

Tzy Panchak| a soldier under @Blue Nation Recording music label came it in hard in the music industry just a couple of years back. We could practically place him as one of those artist who quickly stole the spotlight from one or two music pieces and since then he’s been relevant.

He’s debut in career probably around the year 2016 tracks like “Stay with me” by Panchak acted as one of his door openers ,followed by “Ngeumme” and a host of other wrecking the ringings music master pieces. 2017 saw Panchak in USA Maryland which marked his first ever tour in USA, he effectively branded himself through his music and fetched himself fame a name and some income.

Over the years he’s been dropping awesome and mind blowing hit singles, featuring in collabos with the most streamed “MY WAY” ft Stanley Enow| and LOCKO| He definitely didn’t stop there after launching a challenge from one of his singles ‘NA SO’ he brought into the limelight three hidden talents Vernyuy TinaCLEO GRAEcleo grae| and Vivid| who practically emerged and had a national eye after their challenges sprung up enticing and creative. Shows and mini concerts have been evolving since the screening of these four talented artists to the nation. Showbiz lovers have been dancing to it’s vibes.

Panchak goes further after a collabo with Vivid in “PUT YOUR HANDS ON WE CHALLENGE” he launches another challenge, these series of challenges has as objective to bring out underground talents for subsequent exposure and integration in the music sphere. No movement is ever small if we were to consider the phrase “SUPPORT YOUR OWN” then Panchak will definitely be among those artists who have actually done alot to bring starters in the game by giving them hope. He equally visits IDPs by extending a helping hand.

He’s done in just a short time what some artists who have been in the game for long are reluctant doing or probably giving a deaf ear. Panchak represents an El Chako in his era!


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