Vernyuy Tina evolving on the artistry that breaths African spirituality.

How Vernyuy Tina delivers a sophisticated discography of African music resting on spirituality.
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Music is one of the mortals’ most powerful portals to connect to the spiritual nature, it’s the unforeseen finite and divine source, and how we blend in with the universe around us and the different auras and vibrations we tap from. Music is sure that mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

Although the majority of music lovers’ taste buds of this century is designed to adapt to trendy and wavy music pieces a deeper understanding of spirituality especially in music comes from how much soul music you consume and ancient teachings you study. Music is food for the soul and you might NOT be conscious of it yet, but anytime you try to listen to your inner voice, lighten your mood or rekindle a particular memory you find that balance in listening to music, just that fact there’s music for every mood should stress more on why music is spiritual.

What kind of music rest on spiritual awakening or spirituality? Sometimes we might be tempted to think just gospel songs or hymns, or some soft tone symphonies or indigenous drums? But we know spiritual music when we feel it when it helps connect to your essence, connects to your inner being that’s what makes it spiritual.

For others and how they define spirituality is differs and might depend on how they connect to the frequency of the song, but I do know music spirituality can’t be defined by a particular genre, by a belief, religion, or culture. Music as they say precedes and transcends in all of these aforementioned frameworks and is somehow interwoven to each other.

When you listen to music created from the heart, from an experience with truth and the intention is pure you easily feel the spiritual expression, whatever sense one draws out from music as the spiritual aspect, there are directly correlated to the nature of the music.

For someone like Vernyuy Tina, her artistry breathes African spirituality, her music has rhythm, has melodies, has tension, and release. The African chants, the indigenous languages or drums, sound of breath or wind sound blowing across are musical expressions of life and the employment to songs is what makes it magical and spiritual.

Her songs are solemn and always have a theme that progresses systematically from the beginning right to the end, she keeps her listeners attached because she does music that understands spiritual healing, soul upliftment, inspiration, and edification. Though there’s this feeling of labeling all folkloric Lamnso songs to the spiritual we can’t limit it spirituality to culture.

She’s intentional about her music style if you ask me conscious that music is created and intended to be beneficial to the human spirit. Then im convinced the highest form to know music has a spiritual realm is the direct impact on us, how it shapes our thoughts, controls our emotions, plays on our subconscious could be the principal why she makes music. Her responsibility is to influence lifestyles and habits while she expresses truth, consciousness, and realities.

The attachment to the indigenous lifestyle she represents, from the dress code to African tattooing and skin markings, heavy use of vernacular in her songs shows she’s not only intentional about her artistry but the connection to the spiritual, she invites you every time to be part of her world when she drops a new song.

Her latest release NDANI YA is is anthem or theme for Africa Unite she paints a lot of realities the African society is suffering from and that’s what makes African music peculiar compared to all music genres, it’s solemn, deep, real, and true. You connect to it because it expresses realities while conveying a message of hope and love as the healing factor.

The more music like this awakens higher aspirations and light the path of one’s inner self we are ready to delve into the spiritual realm we don’t know of until we experience it, soul.

Keep listening to NDANI YA here
Link 🔗: https://youtu.be/qolGtK9ELbw

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