Young Holiday: The rap “epiphany”

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•Who is Young Holiday?

Young Holiday goes by the real names of @Eta Ejob one of the recently emerged outstanding rappers of this music era evolves on a sub-genre of the Hip Hop genre known as “Conscious Rap”. After keen observation he is one among the few rappers and lyricists who progressively rides on this domain. Conscious rap focuses on creating awareness and imparting knowledge principally propelled by the conviction that radical social change comes through knowledge of self and personal discovery.

•What is peculiar about him and his arts?

He caught our attention several months back when he dropped his EP ‘HOLIWEEK’ and a couple of releases. He is the conscious conscience rapper that gives your the possibility for your heart/soul to connect to his words. His performance on the microphone is outstanding with a perfect blend of key notes, lyrics, witty bars, message and punchlines. He clearly portrays a mastery of his arts, backbone by passion and the quest for information exposure.

•His mission as a rapper/ musician

He is the “rap epiphany” meaning revelation, that direct encounter with the secret Chambers, a tool for enlightenment and illumination pouring out conscience poetic words for human pondering and reflection. He’s been instrumental in making himself known, not via media outlets as a whole but through his “savoire faire” ,if we are to retrospect to memory lane where conscious rap in the 90s was booming, we can vividly paint the picture of young Holiday as an ‘opinion leader’ an extract from the “Ecole De Frankfurt” [Research] But in current times he breaks that historic era of “Two step flow of communication” as he directly emits truth in his rap messages for an interested mass without fear of objection and rejection. His message is some what prophetic the one that will easily be permeable to be embedded in your heart. We took out time to observe his progress over ther years in this rap game to know exactly where to place him ,because he is unique in his style and at this era with the rise of new rappers, he probably is the only one currently in this sub hip hop genre. •He currently has EPs – HOLI WEEK + WORTH THE WAIT. •He has an Album – EMMANUEL [check them out] He doesn’t rap to impress but to express! This is Young Holiday- The rap epophany- Enlightened and illuminated.


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